Wolfman and Lock

The philosophizers/scientificists behind the Dot Space Theory. Whilst amusing themselves with Biotech experiments, Physics labs, and general philosophy, they came upon the theory. Wolfman originally thought Dot Space meant something else, but Lock soon righted him. Some days after the theory was discovered, a Mr. Saw made an attempt to foil the spread of the theory. In order to save their mindchild, Wolfman and Lock engaged in a very violent duel of wits, finally beating Mr. Saw with the question, "well, then where did that come from, did it 'just appear'". Mr. Saw backed down, realizing he was beaten, and though he did not agree to the validity of the Dot Space theory, he accepted that it was too logical to argue with. Thus, the Dot Space theory survived its first attack, and will soon move on to dominate existential philosophy for all time to come.

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