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Wombat's Quest title screen.

Wombat's Quest is an RPG made using RPGMaker 2000 based on the Pokémon Netbattle server Wombat's Burrow and its regulars. Similar to many community-based games, it's full of inside jokes that can only be truly appreciated by members of said community. Some critics of the game find it to be racist and discriminatory, as well, so it's not recommended for younger audiences. The current demo of Wombat's Quest is available for Rapidshare download at

The Game's History

The game has gone through many stages of development. The original had only two characters in it, and was actually quite a bit of a soap opera compared to the later versions, and could even be comparable to anime, which Wombat himself openly declares hatred of. However, the game matured in the second version featuring many more characters, and more length. This version was unable to be completed, however, due to many memory leaks. The third version is the current and up-to-date version, and is designed to have a more open feel to it than the previous installments, which had linear plots.

The Story

The game is not yet finished, and as such much of the story remains to be seen. So far, however, Wombat recieves an e-mail from the Smogon server on Pokémon Netbattle telling him that he has been accepted for a server moderator examination, despite having never applied. Upon his arrival, he discovers that kaiba has been granted Moderation powers, and therefore he accepts the examination on the terms that kaiba loses his power if Wombat succeeds. chaos visibly has other plans, but Wombat follows along with him despite recognizing it quite clearly. Wombat is directed to go to Sheddy's Village in pursuit of Jumpman, chaos's right-hand Aryan, where he eventually is forced to save trapped Mexican miners after an explosion, in a parody of the recent incident which resulted in the deaths of several miners (This parody is verified by Wombat saying "Don't worry, it's not like there will be reports that they're all alive but actually all of them except one are dead".) Along the way, Tahu joins the party, and is revealed to be the source of the explosion as he had attempted to shoot Dark Lugia after he stole a Code Lyoko fanfiction Tahu had just picked up, and accidentally shot a large crate of dynamite. It's also possible to recruit Ludicolo, a Pokémon who was spotted illegally crossing the border from *POKEMON-STATS* (One of the premier Spanish-speaking servers on Netbattle), and forced to hide in the mines. Wombat eventually comes across Dark Lugia, complaining that the fanfiction has no dragons, and a fight ensues. After Wombat wins, the fanfiction is recovered.

The Characters

Wombat's Quest features an unorthodox character design in that the characters don't have any extremely deep feel to them. Because of this, many critics have found it to be unimaginative and unengaging. Wombat's claim is that he's "trying to make a computer game, not a movie." The characters are generally more on an even-keel, and display as much apathy as possible.

Party Members


The game's namesake and main character. He has an exceptionally high opinion of himself, and as such is highly smug all the time. It's almost impossible for him to be ruffled, as he has the luxury that many of his enemies don't in that he can "leave the Internet at any time and not have a social meltdown". He uses logic in the face of the imaginative nature of the Internet, and as such he's not overly well liked. He often complains that people steal his scripts and use them without giving him credit, and as such has stopped releasing his scripts after using them to create the interactive server bot named Aura. Wombat utterly abhors anime, claiming it's not American, and constantly telling people to remember Pearl Harbor. In battle, Wombat fights with a sword, despite it being equated with many anime characters. He can acquire various different sword skills as well as skills which demean the enemy, such as "Mock" and "Fat Jokes". His best attacks target only one enemy, so he isn't as effective against large groups. He has especially high attack and speed ratings, with average defense and low special.


Aura is the last program Wombat designed before he stopped writing scripts. Aura is oddly enough, the exact opposite of Wombat, putting her compassion before her logic. Because of her intricate designing, she is capable to think for herself as opposed to requiring special data to control her actions. She does, however, side with Wombat on most of his judgments, but more because she considers herself to be more of a logical creature, as a server bot. She is able to calculate math problems perfectly because of this. She appears to have somewhat of a schoolgirl crush on Wombat, but realizes that he'd only resent it, so tries her best to hide it. Aura uses mostly healing magic and offensive Light-based magic. Her offensive and defensive ratings are exceptionally low, but her speed is solid and she has excellent special. She's weak to Dark-based attacks, but resistant to Light-based ones. Because of the versatility of her magic, Aura is useful in many situations and is always a good character to fill out your party with.


His original screenname is the same as his real name (Zac), but he uses the alias "Kioku" around Netbattle. He's the owner of Ph00kedUp, a web page where he designs Web Comics and keeps various logs of online conversations. Kioku has a very strong distaste for furries, whom he considers to be perverts. He has an exceptionally sharp wit, and has the same advantages as Wombat in having a real social life, but still using the Internet. He has his own small Netbattle Server, Kioku's Hideout, which he themes around the Soviet Union, perhaps because he knows RPGMaker 2000 translator Don Miguel so well. Also, many of his enemies seem to think he's a girl for some unknown reason. Kioku is able to steal items from enemy monsters in battle with his Pilfer technique, and is also able to provide speed boosts to the party. His offensive abilities generally consist of Fire-based moves and Asshattery-based moves, similar to Wombat's. He is weak to both Water-based and Ice-based magic, but has decent all-around stats and a great speed rating. He has relatively low HP, however.


Tahu is a young boy who has known Wombat for a considerable amount of time. He's treated as somewhat of a village idiot about the Burrow and is made fun of for his liking of Code Lyoko, Star Trek, Legos, and The Matrix. He obviously spends far too much time online, considering spamming someone equivalent to an attack against one's person. He is a member of many Blockland Clans, including [AL], or Anime Lovers, which he is also made fun of for. Tahu is in love with Aelita from Code Lyoko, and often argues with frontlinewar over whether she is more attractive than Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although Tahu is, in reality, fourteen, all of the party members believe he is twelve simply because he acts twelve. In battle, Tahu weilds guns and rather humorous attacks such as "Flood" and "Threaten", in an apparent attempt to convey phallic compensation. Tahu's various skills do lend him to be somewhat of a splashable character, even moreso if you're willing to purchase the Lego Manuals for him in Blockland, which give him new Lego-based skills. He has overall decent defensive and speed ratings, a great attack and a low special. Tahu's computer, despite being used as much as it is, often lags him while walking around out of battle. If this happens, he'll complain about it, and his speed will be halved until the status problem is removed.


Ludicolo is a Pokémon who fled from *POKEMON-STATS* , in search of a better life, in an obvious stab at Illegal Immigrants. Ludicolo was spotted, and forced to run from the border patrol, eventually hiding deep within Sheddy's Mines. It's there that you can encounter him, although he's in an easy-to-miss spot. Ludicolo begs Wombat to get immigration papers for him, and eventually Wombat caves in because he realizes he can't get out of Ludicolo's room without his help. Ludicolo speaks Spanish and some broken English, similar to the other Mexican workers in Sheddy's Mines. It hasn't yet been explained why he can speak regular languages as opposed to most Pokémon, who can only say their names. In battle, Ludicolo is equipped with various satirical attacks, including "Border Hop" and "Abuse Welfare". He also is one of few playable characters with Grass-based moves, and comes equipped with weaker Water-based moves, as well. Ludicolo's HP and MP are great, and he has decent defensive and speed ratings, with an excellent special and below-average attack.


Mayakashi and Wombat have known each other since Wombat was twelve, and Mayakashi has the most vivid recollection of Wombat's Internet girlfriend Tina. But since then he would bounce between Wombat's server and Celebi's on occasion. Mayakashi has a gift with women, fake or real, on the Internet. If you talk to one while he's in the party, you'll often recieve an item.

Don Miguel

Don Miguel is a friend of Kioku's, and has often popped up in Wombat's Quest. He's most famous for being the translator of RPGMaker 2000, although his own special brand of English refered to as "Donglish" is well-known in its own right. Don coded his own Airship, called "Laputa", on which he rides when leaving his native Spiffton, Russia. Don has known Helen, Flaid, and Marcus since the days of his own foray into RPGMaking, but he gave up after only about ten minutes into it and instead took to travelling around the Internet. Oddly, he is refered to as "Don" by most characters, but when he is speaking, the name "Don Miguel" is at the top of the message box, as well as in battle and in the menu. In battle, Don has a combination of Support moves, sword techs, and attack spells. Most of his spells are Russian-aligned, making them benefit from his Iron Curtain spell, which lowers the Russian resistance of all enemies. Don has average stats across the board except for speed and HP, which are both below average, and MP, which is slightly above average. Not so much helping this is his poor selection of weaponry; Don can weild only Short Swords and Daggers.



chaos is the owner of the Smogon server, which constantly sits at the top of the Server Registry. He's started his own Neo-Naziesque organization of the Smogonites, and chased all of Netbattle's Jews out of Smogon and into the Isreali servers. He has used his influence many times in an attempt to seize Netbattle's Source Code, but TVsIan has refused to give it to him. chaos sends Wombat to Sheddy's Village in search of Jumpman, as part of his moderation exam. It's clear to everyone, including Wombat, that chaos is trying to get rid of him, but Wombat goes along with chaos "so that the plot will advance." chaos claims to be black, although it's not for sure. He is rumored to have incredible fighting ability, although he prefers to allow his Smogonites to do the dirty work for him.


Creator of the legendary Espyjump and Celejump Pokémon movesets, Jumpman is chaos's successor to the Smogon Reich. He's often off speaking with server administrators in hopes of forging alliances in order to increase Smogon's influence. Jumpman also claims to be black, but at the same time claims to be an Aryan, and as such is often challenged over his real race. Jumpman's most recent achievement was getting PokeRealm to sign the Pact of Steel with Smogon, creating a powerful alliance. The terms of the Pact of Steel state that PokeRealm is entitled to Aura's programming, which would seem to insinuate that chaos plans to attack the Burrow.


kaiba has a great influence over the crowds of Netbattle, mainly because he's presumed to be both a hacker and an excellent scripter, although he is neither. He's one of the more prevalent stealers of Wombat's scripts, and Kioku has called out his hacking abilities on multiple occasions without consequence. kaiba loves both Yu-gi-oh! and Harry Potter, and often uses Harry Potter banners as his Smogon forum signature. kaiba becomes a Moderator at Smogon, so Wombat accepts chaos's moderation exam on the conditions that if he passes, kaiba will lose his power.

Dark Lugia

Dark Lugia is a furry, although he prefers to be called a dracophile, because he prefers dragons to other animals. Wombat and Kioku constantly mock him for this, but Dark Lugia constantly argues that it's his right to be, say, and do whatever he wants to. He also often claims to have the ability to shapeshift between a human form and a draconic one, although he's yet to prove it, and logic would suggest that he's lying. Dark Lugia is French, and knows English only as a second language, and as such he often doesn't place a space after his commas, prompting more mockery.Wombat encounters him in Sheddy's Mines, and fights him to recover the fanfiction he stole from Tahu.


Many of the locales in Wombat's Quest are inspired by websites or chat servers, although some are completely original, and others still are real-world places that the party travels to using the Dimensional Drive of Laputa.

Pokémon Netbattle

Many of the party members spend much of their time spent online in one of many of Netbattle's servers. Any user can make a server, but it's not guranteed of success. Netbattle's regions are divided into four sections, one for each Cardinal direction, although there are some other large sections of it as well.

Wombat's Burrow

The Burrow is Wombat's server, filled with some of his most complex scripts, including Aura, who resides there even when Wombat is offline. It's relatively small, but there is a shop and a small arena useful for training in it.

The Smogon Empire

The Smogon Empire is where chaos runs the Great Nazi Empire of Smogon. The Empire attracts many of Netbattle's randoms, simply because it is often the fullest. chaos has formed many alliances with smaller servers in order to bolster Smogon's strength and commerce the Smogonite ideals as much as possible to recruit more to his cause. Smogon has a well-stocked armory, a luxury Inn, a small hooker's residence, and the imposing Reichstag Castle. kaiba and Jumpman are two of the more well-known Smogon moderators.


  • As of yet, Tahu is the only character to have voice acting, and there are only two sound bytes, one in which he says the famous Star Trek line, "To boldly go where no one has gone before" in a monotone voice. The other is of him saying "F YOU!" These soundbytes were recorded by the real Tahu, Chris Edelenbos, the former with prodding by Wombat and the latter in response to Wombat's threat to flood his girlfriend's cell phone with text messages.
  • The phrase "INTERNET: SERIOUS BUSINESS" that flies across the screen in part of the Opening Movie is derived from the title of the Ph00kedUp RPGMaker game created by Kioku, called "Ph00kedUp: Serious Business".
  • No one from Wombat's Burrow actually knows Don Miguel.

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