Wombling Free is a UK VHS. This was Distributed by VCI in 1998.


“The Wombles are back in this fun-packed feature film, where all your favourite Womble characters spend their time cleaning up after untidy humans and recycling their rubbish.

“Follow their adventures as they try to make contact with humans and spread the Keep Britain Tidy message. They invent a pollution-free car made of tin cans and mop handles, stage a Hollywood musical extravaganza in an abandoned theatre, launch the first balloon-powered aircraft and organise a birthday party for Great Uncle Bulgaria!

“Wombles can only be seen by people who believe in them. Can Bungo and friends convince the human residents of Wimbledon Common to change their ways and adopt the Womble way of clean living?”


  • Voices: David Tomlinson as Roland Frogmorton, Frances de la Tour as Julia Frogmorton, Bonnie Langford as Kim Frogmorton, Bernard Spear as Arnold Takahashi, Yasuko Nagazumi as Doris Takahashi, John Junkin as County Surveyor, Reg Lye as Assistant Surveyor, Kenny Baker as Bungo, Eileen Baker as Tobermory, Sadie Corre as Mme. Cholet, Tony Friel as Womble, Brian Jones as Wellington, John Lummiss as MacWomble, Jack Purvis, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Albert Wilkinson as Tomsk, Marcus Powell as Orinoco, David Jason as Womble, Janet Brown as Womble, Jon Pertwee as Womble, John Graham as Womble and Lionel Jeffries as Womble.
  • Release Date: 1998.
  • Distributed by VCI

Opening Previews (UK)

  1. VCI Ident (voiceover: "VCI presents some of the most popular children's characters available to buy on video.")
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine Promo
  3. Fourways Farms Promo
  4. Sooty and Co. Promo
  5. My Christmas Play Rhymes and Songs Promo
  6. Tots Video Promo
  7. The BFG Promo
  8. Video overview (the "New for '97" overview is cut out.)
  9. Control VCI Warning (1995)
  10. VCI Warning (1995)
  11. VCI Ident (1995)
  12. Wombling Free Opening
  13. First few seconds of Wombling Free

Closing Previews (UK)

  1. Last few seconds of Wombling Free
  2. Wombling Free Closing
  3. VCI Ident (1995)

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