The Wonton Union

The Wonton union was founded as a modern state in 1906. The area known as Shan Tao'u, Jan'Lau, and Sho Paoa was previously three seperate countries. The three countries can trace their history as far back as 1AD. Before this period, there is little known due to a lack of archeological found. Currently there is no explanation for the lack of artifacts.

Wonton is situated in the southern part of the To Lauu mainland. It adjoins Thhag and Hlko provinces to the north, Haset Province to the east, xi Zhu Autonomous Region to the west and to the south across the Qion Strait i. Tong province covers an area of over 180,000 square kilometers (69,502 square miles) and has permanent population of 74,730,000. It also has 3,368 kilometers (1,300 miles) of winding coastline, which is the longest in the country. Rivers from all over the province meandering through the fertile Blood River Delta discharges into the Sea of Pain at the half waypoint of the coastline. The Blood River Delta is one of most densely cultivated areas.


Wonton started and was founded as an ancient city with a history of probably 2800 years. Yet only about 2000 years can be accounted for. It is informaly named 'the green city' because with long summer the city is always with green plants and blooming with fresh flowers all years round. Myth legend tells of Wonton was founded by Five Immortals riding five bolts of lightening, each bolt planted a stalks of rice grain when it struck the ground which symbolizes abundant of harvest or prosperity. And this is how Wonton got its nickname, 'fanhgan' literally means 'Fire City'.

Shan Tao'u provides traveler with their first taste of mainland Wonton, it also has been the first place of mainland Wonton where foreign influences enters into the country.

Shan Tao'u is also the main communication center of To Lauu with generous amount of railways, highways, bridges, multi levels of flyovers and labyrinth of waterways. Ferries are still very much in use as a mode of transport, which also provides river excursion. With so many types of transport, it's not difficult to go to other places, towns and other areas in Shan Taou Province.

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