Wood Pigeon as Thomas

Moring Dove as Edward

Feral Pigeon as Henry

Racing Pigeon as Gordon

Rock Pigeon as James

Stock Dove as Percy

Ground Dove as Toby

Scaled Dove as Duck

Trurtle Dove as Oliver

Raven as Diesel

Magpie as Mavis

Crow as Daisy

Cardinal as Emily

Black Headed Gull as Salty

Sparrowhawk as Diesel 10

House Sparrow as Skarloey

Field Sparrow as Rheneas

Black Bird as Sir Handel

Red-Winged Blackbird as Peter Sam

Swamp Sparrow as Rusty

Chipping Sparrow as Duncan

Savannah Sparrow as Duke

Season 1

  • Wood Pigeon & Racing Pigeon/Wood Pigeon Gets Tricked
  • and more

Season 2

  • Pop Goes The Raven
  • Raven's Devios Deed
  • A Close Shave/A Close Shave For Scaled Dove
  • and more

Season 3

  • Raven Does It Again
  • Feral Pigeon's Forest
  • and more

Season 4

  • Grand Sparrow
  • Sleeping Beauthy
  • You Can't Win
  • Four Little Sparrows
  • A Bad Day For Black Bird
  • and more

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