WordFixer was a spell-checker created by an unknown person in 1996.

The first version was released in April on a now-defunct website called as WordFixer 0.5. This was soon followed in September with version 1.0.

Version 2.0 was released in June 1997, version 3.0 in January 1998 and version 3.5 in July of that year. However, this version caused crashes when the words "WordFixer is useless" were typed. This feature was removed in version 4.0, released March 1999. In August 1999, the WordFixer site was moved to, though the old site stayed up. WordFixer 4.5 (better known as WF4-Y2K) came out in January 2000, and version 5.0 in November.

"WFCO" announced a major change in time for Easter 2001: he would now be releasing two editions of WordFixer: WordFixer for Word Processors and WordFixer for Websites. Web-WordFixer came out in April 2001, and the new WordFixer 6.0 appeared on the site in October. Not long after, was closed.

Version 6 was the last, though the technology went into a new spell-checker called Mistake-be-gone.

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