Here are the Amazing Songs in the 1999 Soundtrack of Word Caper. All Songs Produced by the Academy Award Winning Tom Snow.

1. The O Says.../The R Says... (All-Star) [Music by Elton John]

2. Here at the Complex Words Complex [Music by Tom Snow]

3. We're a Very Sticky Letters [Music by Matthew Wilder]

4. The Silent E Song (3D Rock n' Roll) [Music by Tom Snow]

5. First You've Take The Three Letters, Then You've Had The One Letter [Music by Tom Snow]

6. When Two Vowels Go Walking [Music by Tom Snow]

7. All Songs Together [Music by Tom Snow]

8. Here at the Complex Words Complex (Reprise) [Music by Tom Snow]

9. End Title: We Build This City [Music by Tom Snow]

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