word game, created by Rachele, is using the dictionary and thesaurus to inspire one's self to fantastic ideas which are not supposed to have anything to do with reality. lose your mind! the first thesaurus word i will look up is occult.

the thesaurus terms for occult are: 1. mysterious, hidden, concealed, secret, undisclosed, unrevealed, unknown; dark, private, obscure, abstruse, shadowy, mysterious, esoteric, arcane, weird, strange, fantastic, mystical, recondite, cabalistic, veiled, shrouded. 2. supernatural, metaphysical, preternatural, transcendental, alchemical, magical, unnatural. Antonym: natural

Mysterious: secret/which cannot be explained Secret: hidden from other people; not known

so, a mysterious thing is: hidden from other people and cannot be explained. why cant it be explained? is it because it is not known? why is it not known? it is hidden.

Hidden: to be out of sight; to put a thing somewhere so that no one can see it.

when i think of something hidden i think of secrets and spells that hold ancient wisdom like in relics. i watch way too many movies. something hidden is never seen except by the person who put it there. so it is not occultic or mysterious to the person who put it there. why would he want to keep it a secret? why must it be hidden and therefore a mystery to others?

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