Working Along With The Cartoon All-Stars is a DVD idea made by Pikachufreak. Released in June 2013, it has one episode of Thomas and Friends, one episode of Pokemon, one episode of All Grown Up, one episode of Ed, Edd N Eddy, one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, one episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, one episode of Rocket Power, one episode of Courage The Cowardly Dog, one episode of The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and one episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.


  1. Gordon and The Famous Visitor (Thomas and Friends)
  2. The Heartbreak of Brock (Pokemon)
  3. Project Chuckie (All Grown Up)
  4. Who Let The Ed In? (Ed, Edd N Eddy)
  5. The Fry Cook Games (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  6. Flippy (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron)
  7. Sam: King of Kickball (Rocket Power)
  8. Courage Meets The Mummy (Courage The Cowardly Dog)
  9. The "New" Eeyore (The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
  10. The Great Gladiator Gig (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show)


  • Thomas Story narrated by George Carlin.
  • Release Date: June 18, 2013.
  • The Thomas and Friends intro, nameplate sequence (1996-1998) and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show outro are used together.
  • Gordon and The Famous Visitor is taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS.
  • Distributed by Lionsgate.

Opening Previews

  1. Warning Screen
  2. Lionsgate logo
  3. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  4. Thomas and Friends Season 5 intro (2004 version)
  5. First few seconds of Gordon and The Famous Visitor

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of The Great Gladiator Gig
  2. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show outro
  3. DiC logo
  4. Lionsgate logo

Cover Art

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas and Pooh
  • Bottom: Temacu and Brock from "The Heartbreak of Brock"

Back Cover

  • SpongeBob and Patrick from "The Fry Cook Games"
  • Mario and Luigi from "The Great Gladiator Gig"

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