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World History 2008-2009

Here is the link to last year's World History page:

When posting a query or an update, please DATE YOUR ENTRY. (did you get that phone call today? 2 weeks ago?)

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How many people are here? (add 1 to the count): 14


  • Request for AHA interview via email. (12/6)
  • Received letter that I am no longer a candidate for position. (1/16)
  • Deadline is 1 November 2008
  • Anyone heard anything? (11/27)
  • Still no word? Are they interviewing at AHA? (12/1)
  • Any progress? (12/6)
  • haven't heard anything since submitting application (12/7)
  • ditto (12/10)
  • still nothing (12/17) x3
  • The school got hit hard by the ice storm; offices only reopened on the 17th. Technically the school is closed until the new year, so maybe they're postponing?
  • Who knows? The original ad didn't give any timeline info, or indicate whether they would interview at AHA. Anyone heard anything further? (12/22)
  • Still nothing? I got no answer when I telephoned HR before Christmas (12/29)
  • I have heard nothing, the college offices are closed until January 5, and nobody from the college is registered to attend AHA, so I assume no interviews there. On the other wiki, they conducted phone interviews for an MLA field job, so maybe they'll do the same here. (12/31)
  • Any news? (1/14)
  • Reply to an inquiry today (1/22) said they soon will be screening candidates and inviting for on-campus interviews next month.
  • Thanks for the update! I assume screening means telephone interviews (?). How many people here applied for this? (me and the previous 1/22 poster, add to the count if there are others!)= 9x
  • I agree -- thanks for the update. Could you please clarify what "screening candidates" means? Do you know if they are still reviewing applications or have they already moved on to preliminary interviews (i.e., phone interviews)? (1/22)
  • Sorry - wish I could be more helpful. Their reply email only said "screening candidates", but not how they were going about it. (1/26)
  • Thanks for replying! Best of luck, all.
  • Anyone heard anything? Referees been contacted? I've heard zip. (1/28)
  • Ok, so it's now nearly 2 weeks since the 'screening candidates soon' update. Wonder why they're dragging their feet. I also emailed a query some weeks back and didn't get a reply. Any further news? (2/2)
  • Same lack of response. Maybe they're hiring in an alternate universe. Do you think there's an alternate wiki I could check? (2/4)
  • did you email HR? There didn't seem to be any info about who is on the Search Committee in the ad.
  • Has anyone heard that any of their referees have been contacted? (2/6)
  • As of 2/10, nope. Perhaps Colby-Sawyer is vying for the title of least transparent search process ever? Anyone know how to submit nominations for that?
  • Seriously. Shame I have no idea who the SC chair is to ask them what's going on. Because HR seem to be ignoring queries.
  • 2/12 - Still nothing? But if there are only 8 of us here, we could just be among the many who didn't make the shortlist.
  • This is insane - how many people have written to them and got no reply? x2
  • Received email update today (2/18), they are currently conducting campus interviews.
  • I received no such update. Had you e-mailed them previously? At any rate, this simply continues their lame-ass style of communication--keep some candidates informed, leave others in the dark. What a travesty.
  • A: The email update of 2/18 was in response to a query. I don't know why she replied to that one, they had ignored my previous email. Most unprofessional HR department EVER. (I only sorted out some issues originally with my application - problems with the online system - by getting the HR officer on the phone, she had ignored previous emails sent to her personally and to the HR main contact address)
  • I'm thinking a listing on the "Schools to Fear" page would be in order. Any seconds?
  • For sure. They are completely incompetent and rude.
  • Deadline is 31 January 2009.
  • Received acknowledgment by mail (2/12) giving the following timeline: "We anticipate inviting candidates to campus during February and having this position filled by the end of that month."
  • Phone interviews being arranged for Monday, 2/16
  • Arranging on-campus interviews for the weeks of February 23rd and March 2nd.
  • Job Posting Opening Date -- 2 October 2008
  • Open until filled
  • Location: Boston
  • Deadline is 15 December 2008
  • request writing sample by phone (1/13)
  • according to the Boston Globe, "more than 100 candidates have applied... four times as many as in a similar search several years ago."
  • Review of applications starts 2/19/2009
  • Deadline is 15 January 2009.
  • I heard that this search might be canceled for budgetary reasons. Also there are several adjuncts vying for it.
  • FSU has a hiring freeze in place and the administration has said no adjuncts will be hired for Fall 2009. TT professors have been advised that class sizes will be increased and that if they do not make a minimum number of students overall they will have extra classes assigned to their already full 4 course load. FSU is currently wrangling with what "adjunct" means--does it include VAPs or not? Currently there are 3 VAPs in place in History--two of them are certainly vying for any kind of full time or TT job (One will go up for the African American position and probably get it). But, that does not mean that an outside candidate would not have a chance at a VAP position--I understand that the last TT search in the spring yielded less than a dozen applications for two TT positions (one of which was declared a failed search last spring)and while several internal candidates applied, only one was given a position. At FSU the department chair makes the decision as to who will be hired--often in direct contradiction to the stated wishes of the search committee--so if you get an interview, be careful of the chair. Also, this is a very fractured department. Walk carefully. Would also mention that there is already a professor teaching Chinese/Japanese history. What the department really seems to want is someone who can do middle eastern history (Asian history very broadly defined). One last thing--no salary scale exists at FSU so negotiate well. There have been instances of adjuncts making more than tenured professors (as a public institution, FSU's salary information is public information and is posted on the FSU site--I think the Faculty Senate page).
  • (Same poster) Had dinner with a member of the English Department--two of their searches have been reinstated so maybe the history positions will also be a go.
  • thanks for updates (2/22)
  • Deadline is 15 December 2008
  • Survived the first round of cuts; notified by committee member via telephone (1/22)
  • Deadline 12/1.
  • Any word on this?
  • Candidates for AHA called (12/18)
  • Location: Atlanta
  • Deadline 11/14.
  • Hiring freeze rumor?
  • Email acknowledgement of application, 11/19. No mention of hiring freeze (yet).
  • request writing sample (11/21)
  • A friend there says they are interviewing at AHA with no mention of hiring freeze (12/1).
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/9) x2
  • How rude, to schedule interviews without acknowledging receipt of a complete app sent! if these guys were in the corporate world, they'd all be sued!
  • I received an acknowledgment & it seems someone else did too above, so maybe it was an oversight. In any case, we are trying to restrict complaints to the discussion section.
  • thanks for the info...will vent in discussion sec
  • all AHA interviews set up, 12/17
  • On-campus invite (01/14)
  • Application is due November 30.
  • Email acknowledgment of receipt of application materials. (11/28)
  • Application is due December 10.
  • Email acknowledgment of receipt of application materials. (12/9)
  • Deadline February 27, 2009
  • Roosevelt University (World Transnational)
  • deadline Nov 1
  • ack. by e-mail
  • phone call to arrange for interview at AHA
  • currently arranging on-campus interviews for February
  • received rejection letter (1/22)
  • Saint Bonaventure
  • 11/25 AHA interview request
  • 12/8 Apparently they will also be collecting CVs at the AHA
  • Saint Xavier University
  • has anyone heard from them yet?
  • Application due January 15.
  • Received acknowledgment and Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action form via mail (1/12)
  • At least one campus interview scheduled, Feb.
  • 2/24 They are done with campus interviews, but after the SC makes its rec it has to go to the administration and then the union head .... anybody heard anything yet?
  • 3/9 Got rejection letter on Friday (same generic one, with no reference to my campus visit); they have made a hire.
  • application deadline is 7 Nov 2008
  • Interviewed at AHA
  • Campus invites scheduled for early February.
  • Any news from the campus invites here? The wait is killing me!
  • Application is due October 30.
  • Phone interview (12/13)
  • Deadline is 10 November 2008
  • Search canceled due to budgetary concerns at University (12/23)
  • Deadline is 26 February 2009
  • Ack email, 2/9
  • Open until filled but reference letters and transcripts requested by Dec. 1
  • acknowledgment of application materials (postmarked 11/7)
  • Has anybody received any news beyond acknowledgment of application receipt? (12/7)
  • nothing since the acknowledgment (12/7)
  • Does anybody know if this search is going through? (12/15)
  • Hello?!
  • deadline: Nov 20 2008
  • Any news here? There are rumors of a hiring freeze (11/19)
  • Don't know about a hiring freeze, but the ad was re-posted on higheredjobs on 11/19/2008...same deadline
  • is also posted on the University of Hawai'i employment website (12/7)
  • they've been running this search for several years...they offer a position and then funding doesn't go through..beware
  • Any information here? Has the university contacted anybody? (12/15)
  • Received letter that my application file is complete (12/22) Did anyone else get the same letter?
  • I can't know because I'm traveling. I don't have access to my mail now. Thanks for the update! What about others?
  • Request via email to fill out online Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action form (12/24)
  • Same here (12/24). (2)
  • Also received letter regarding completeness of application. (12/29)
  • Scheduling phone interviews (02/10)
  • Congratulations. Are they contacting finalists by phone or email? (2/11)
  • Invited for campus interview. (2/21)
  • VAP in History of Civilizations program.
  • Application deadline is 15 February 2009
  • University of Maine, Farmington
  • Deadline Nov 15
  • see discussion on European History page.
  • Cancelled due to budget crisis (12/5)
  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008
  • received letter saying I would not be asked for further materials, i.e. didn't make the first cut (11/20) x2
  • sent addtl materials in early Nov -haven't heard anything since.
  • This position has been cancelled.
  • Position is not cancelled. Finalists selected.

  • deadline Nov 15, 2008
  • phone interviews conducted
  • 12/9--Any updates post phone interview? AHA interviews scheduled?
  • 12/12 AHA interview scheduled (x3)
  • Any call for on campus interview?
    • not a peep as of 1/27
  • 2/4 Offered made and accepted. I wonder how many candidates were invited on campus.


Is there another page that people are using for the 2008-2009 search?

-There must be. There are no updates here at all. Does anybody know? (11/13) -I don't think so -- I'm applying to a number of world positions, but haven't heard a peep. Let's update as we begin to hear responses? I understand information will start to roll in in the next couple of weeks. -(12/2) I don't think there is another page this year. The academic job sites seem to be closed down this year.

  • so far, it's a strange year, info has been hard to get -haven't received rejections nor invites -why is it so hard to send out an email to all applicants saying we're still considering your file and give a date when to expect info on whether one is in the top 10/15 or top 20? don't these people have any common sense?

Any idea how much an assistant professor makes in a private college in VA??

  • Look at the Chronicle's Faculty Salary Survey; history professors typically make about 85-90% of the average. If you have info on a particular search, please update the Wiki.

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