Ultimate Fanon event
World War III
Begin date: April 19, 2022
End date: October 3, 2029
Place: Earth
Participants: (UN:) United States, Canada, Russia, Great Britain, France (Federation:) North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Soviet Union, China
Cause: Iraq Conflict, Soviet re-emergence, California bombing
Outcome: Stalemate (cease-fire)

World War III began in 2022 after North Korea unleashed an atomic bomb in Oakland, California. Over the years, the Iraq Conflict had decimated United States forces and the conflict had been endless. China had stopped supplying the United States causing their economy to fail. Iran then too declared war, after having secretly allied with North Korea.

The United States forces which remained in the middle east continued to fight there, but a losing battle. Luckily the United States still had allies, and they received aid in battle by France and Great Britain. Capitalist Russia began its battle against both Soviet Russia, which had re-emerged, and China. The British forces also helped on that end of the war.

Back in the west, the United States fought alongside Canada overseas against North Korea. The conflict ended more than seven years later after the United Nations and the Federation agreed to a cease fire and allowed each other to live in peace. The losses were immense on both sides. During this time, technology had advanced greatly.

A scientist from Soviet Russia created a spacecraft capable of battle (in space), but his project was not funded because of the war. The Russian came to the United States after the war where his project was funded, and the americans received the first Spacial Battleship, which would come in handy the next war to come.

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