The World of Euphorica is a fantasy setting created by John Hornak using BioWare's Neverwinter Nights toolset. It is not a persistent world but rather a collection of modules that will make up campaigns for players to adventure through.


Setting Information

The World of Euphorica is a standard fantasy world, with elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, dragons, wizards, ancient ruins, unspeakable evil, and lost gods. Here you will find "in character" information on the game world.


Euphorica provides several areas for players to adventure and explore. The continents are grouped into three major areas: the Known Lands, the Savage Lands, and the Unknown Lands. Seperating the continents are two oceans and several seas. They are the Prime Ocean, Capital Ocean, Crystal Sea, Sea of Eternity, Harmony Sea, Stormy Sea, and Tranquil Sea. In addition, below Euphorica's surface, is a huge underground series of tunnels and caverns known as the Underworld.


Euphorica is a world with a history several thousands years old. It can be broken down into three ages: the Age of the Ancients, the Age of the Gods, and the Age of the Created Ones.


Euphorica is a world filled with many wonderful creatures. These can be divided into six groups: Animals, Constructs, Elementals, Insects, Planar, Shapechangers, and the Undead.

People (NPCs)

Euphorica is a land filled with many colorful and unique people. Below is a list of some major NPCs that one may come upon while traveling the World of Euphorica.


There are three major factions governing the lands of Euphorica. The Known Lands are governed by the Royal Republic, the Savage Lands are dominated by the Horde, and the Unknown Lands are ruled by the Dragon Clans.


The world is made up of several different races. The races of Euphorica are devided into three groups: the Ancient, Cultured and Chaos Races.


There are two major religious factions. Those who worship the Elder and believe in the Books of Enlightenment and those who follow the Dark Light and the Book of Darkness.


To make modules available in the "Other Modules" section of the Neverwinter Nights game, place the extracted module files into the "NeverwinterNights\NWN\modules" directory where you installed your game.


In order to run the modules you will need the following:

There are no hakpaks used in this module.


Champion Quest Campaign:

  • CQ 1: Ruins of the Dark Tower
  • CQ 2: Cavern of Skulls
  • CQ 3: Quest of the Orcs
  • CQ 4: Death Flowers of the Fertile Plains
  • CQ 5: Ruins of the Dark Tower
  • CQ 6: Hunt for the Derelict Treasure
  • CQ 7: Sword of the Orcs
  • CQ 8: Search for the Lost Princess
  • CQ 9: Plague of the Whispering Woods
  • CQ 10: The Deadly Mines of Mondar
  • CQ 11: Secret of the Black Pearl
  • CQ 12: Lost Treasure of the Elves
  • CQ 13: Terror of the Necromancer
  • CQ 14: Sewers of the Rat King
  • CQ 15: Terror of the Mistwood Mines
  • CQ 16: City of the Terrible Plague

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