The Ancient Races are those creatures that are indiginous to Euphorica. They were created through evolution over thousands of years when a meteor struck the planet. These creatures are both noble and fierce.


Dragons are huge reptiles with great wings, teeth, and claws. They are among the most fierce and dangerous of all the races. Dragons have very long lifespans and are considered by some to be demigods. Most dragons are good, benevolent creatures of great intelligence but there are some that are evil as well.


Giants are huge humanoid creatures who live solitary lives or live in small communities of their own kind. They generally live far from the other races and shy away from cultured civilization. Most giants are good in nature who associate with Dragons. Stone Giants and Fire Gaints have alligned themselves with the Chaos Races.


Trolls are a lesser race of gaints that are carnivorous in nature. They are not as intelligent as their cousins, the Giants. Most trolls are agressive and prefer to prey on humans, like victims for food. However, there are groups of good trolls who serve as loyal servants to dragons and are quite intelligent.


Ogres are another lesser race of Giants. Being the most common of the Ancient Races, Orges are ugly, greedy creatures who live by raiding and scavenging. Orges wear animal skins and often live in caves. They live in groups and have been known to band together to with Trolls to prey on the weak.

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