The Cultured Races are those creatures that were created by the Elder. These are the finest, bravest and most noble races of Euphorica. They include Dwarfs, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Humans.


Dwarves are a short, husky race and typically have dark hair and eyes. They live and work underground often being skilled miners. Dwarfs naturally love gems and precious metals especially gold and enjoy drinking ale and mead. Because of their size, Dwarfs do not often ride horses and are usually suspicious of the large creatures.


Elves are shorter and more slender than humans. Elves are taught to use a sword and bow from an early age. Elves are fascinated by magic and never grow tired of collecting spells and magical items, especially if the items are beutifully crafted.


Gnomes, while similar to dwarves in appearance, are usually shorter than their cousins and less stocky. Another noticeable difference is their very large noses and pointy ears. They share the Dwarves love for gems and are very skilled at polishing and cutting these precious items.


Halflings are another short race very similar to small Humans. They generally have black hair and dark brown or black eyes. They can move silently much like Elves and have a nack for thrown weapons.


Humans come in every shape and size. Some are tall. Others are rather short. Some can be rotund while others are thin as nail. Just as they vary in appearance, so do their values vary. Humans have it in them to be exceptionally evil, remarkably pious, or anywhere in between. Humans have a nack for quickly picking up new skills.

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