A long time ago the Ancient Races ruled the world but soon their kind mysteriously disappeared thought to have become extinct.

Then beings known as the Elder and the Dark Light came to Euphorica. They populated the world with beings created in their likeness. The Elder was the embodiment of good and the Dark Light was the embodiment of evil.

It was like this for thousands of years until one day the Elder and the Dark Light evolved into immortals and left the world vowing to someday return.

Before they left the Elder formed the Royal Republic and wrote the Books of Enlightenment for their people to follow. The Dark Light, wrote the Books of Darkness for its creations and formed the Chaos Hordes.

Now, most inhabitants of Euphorica see them as gods and many wars have been fought in their name.

However, recently the Ancient Races have reappeared from their thought extinction in the form of the Dragon Clans causing more conflict and tension.

Presently, three major factions (the Royal Republic, the Chaos Hordes, and the Dragon Clans) squabble over the rulership of the world.

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