Known Lands

The Known Lands, which includes the continents of Waar, Eldasia and Thorne, are considered the cradle of civilization and the center of the world's commerce. These are the areas that are home to the Cultured Races and governed by the Royal Republic.


Waar is a land of dry deserts, deep canyons and barren wastes. It is home to tribes of barbarians, nomads and warlords. Waar is also a frequent target of attacks from the Chaos Races who appear to be gaining ground in the region.

Map of Waar


Eldasia is a land of rolling hills, fertile farmlands and lush forests. It is the most populated continent with many towns, cities and nations. It is also a major center of commerce and high adventure.

Map of Eldasia


Thorne is a land of steep cliffs and high mountains. It covers most the landscape. It’s deep cavernous caves are home to dwarves, elves and other creatures of legend.

Map of Thorne

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