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Worldcage Project Encyclopedia

The Worldcage Project is meant to provide an unique role-playing experience for players utilizing the interNet as a medium. Our goal is to provide enough expertise, training, and experience in one location to transition traditional tabletop players to interNet players.

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Games Resource Hub: A Source for all information on Temple Games.

The Worldcage

A webSite designed to be used as a gateway into the Temple of the Heavens forum, Crossmind chat system, and other services rendered by the Worldcage Project. Articles are on display here, as well as various other resources.

The term Worldcage is a reference to the 'homebrew' RPG of the same name, where the planet the PCs play in is trapped inside a gargantuan metallic cage.


The Worldcage launched on the heels of it's forum, the Temple of the Heavens, in May 2005. Founded by eunhathes, the forum and webSite have grown. The site was originally a resource site for the Order of the Twelve Willows game and has since changed to reflect the more static aspects of the Temple. Plans are underway to eventually expand services to create a more centralized hub on the Worldcage, offering a singular gateway to a massive online role-playing experience.

Current Authors

The Temple of the Heavens

A forum (bulletin board system) for use by memebers of the Worldcage Project for playing role-playing games and holding discussions. Currently, it boasts 34 members and almost 4000 posts.

The name, Temple of the Heavens, is taken from a location in the 'homebrew' RPG, The Worldcage. It is the seat of power for the Guardian-Curator, Ofelia. The name can be traced back to a Second Edition AD&D campaign where the PCs used the Temple to transfer from one world to another.


Founded in April 2005 by eunhathes, the Temple was inspired by a mix of alternate webSites including Macray's Keep, A Call to Duty, Anime League, and even Yahoo!. Most directly inspiring to him was the site his friends had developed, Boardzilla, which was not related to the mega-forum itself. Originally built to play one game, the Order of the Twelve Willows campaign, the site eventually took off and grew to larger size within months.

At it's peak, Summer 2005, it boasted 46 members, 20 of whom were quite active. After a small fiasco involving a Temple Gatekeeper and several other members, the board cooled quite a bit. This cooler period gave rise to several new games from several other members.

A second wind began early in 2006 with the arrival of new members and a new direction. Most crucial to the growth was the first ever, officially called staff meeting. Gathered together, the group, as a whole, began plotting the movement of the site from a group of friends to a large-scale, mass oriented webSite. This would prove to be the turning point of the Project.

Staff Operation

The moderating staff of the Temple of the Heavens breaks down into four major groups:

Board Operation

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Crossmind System

Information Pending...

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Temple of the Heavens
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