The riding horses of Johann and Vukotich in Jack Yeovil's Warhammer short story The Ignorant Armies.


The two horses only appear in the short story Ignorant Armies.


Although only minor characters in the story, the fates of both Would-Have-Been-Tsar and Tsarina are detailed as the plot unfolds.

  • Bargained for from a trader month prior to the oppening of the story.
  • The names of Tsar and Tsarina for the horses was suggested by Johann, however as Vukotich points out "Johann, you don't give a name to something you may have to eat."

Would-Have-Been Tsar


  • Barely worth the price the Johann and Vukotich paid for her.
  • Hobbed just prior to the story opening when a blacksmith's nail is driven too deep into her hoof.
  • Put-down by Johann early into the story.

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