Would He Ever

Would He Ever is a Shining Time Station Valentine's Day song from He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.


If I made him cookies
And some honey tea
Climbed the highest mountain
Swam the deepest sea
If I threw confetti
From his backyard tree
Would he ever
Even notice me?

If I sent him roses
And a dancing bear
Or a nest of robins
Tangled in my hair
If I dared to tell him
Just how much I care
Would he ever
Really be there?

Please don't make him understand
Make him simply want to hold my hand

If I walked a tightrope
Wearing just a grin
Out a magic cosset
Took him far within
If I played him tennis
But I'd let him win
Would he ever
Could he ever
Will he ever
Only let me in?

Cartoons in the song

  • Color Classics - Jack Frost (1934)
  • Fleischer Studios - Bunny Mooning (1937)
  • Gulliver's Travels (1939)
  • Noveltoons - The Enchanted Square (1947)


Shining Time Station - Would He Ever02:54

Shining Time Station - Would He Ever

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