This is the third episode of Pony Lucha! In the first part, Senorita Cherilee goes back in time to keep from losing a match that so lost, and in the second, after reading a diary that they think belongs to Diamond Slam, the 3 Pony Mascaritas take her to an amusement park to make her feel better.


  • Rikochet Dash
  • Buena Sparkle
  • FlutterFlea
  • Senorita Cherilee
  • Diamond Slam


Woulda Coulda Cherilee

  • Senorita Cherilee: See you kids around! Because you'll be seeing me in the LUCHA HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!
  • Buena Sparkle: But Senorita Cherilee, the future needs you!

Senorita Cherilee: Alright. Let's boogey on back to the future!

The Anger of Diamond Slam

  • Rikochet Dash: She's so mean, we even wrote a song about her! Hit it FlutterFlea!

FlutterFlea: (Blows into kazoo)

Rikochet Dash: Angry Diamond Slam!

FlutterFlea: The meanest that there am!

Rikochet Dash: She'll put you in a jam!

FlutterFlea: As jelly as the flan!

RD and FF: Angry Diamond Slam! Angry Diamond Slam!

  • Buena Sparkle: Stop! Don't! It's, uh, not nice to look in another pony's diary!

FlutterFlea: Oops! It fell open!!

  • Diamond Slam: This isn't MY diary!

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