[b]Surname:[/b] Garrison [b]Given Name:[/b] Acanthum [b]Known Aliases:[/b] "Wraith" [b]Occupation:[/b] Assasin/ Bounty Hunter/Sith [b]Legal status:[/b] Single [b]Criminal record:[/b] Wanted for Murder, extortion, treason, abandoning post, unauthorized absence, bribery, terrorism, war crimes, destruction of property in excess of 50,000 credits, smuggling, gun running, grand theft, genocide, mass murder, etc, etc, by the New Republic [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 29 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Correllia [b]Place of Residence:[/b] Nar Shadaa Former Place(s) of Residence: Coruscant, Correllia, Arkania, Nal Hutta, Tattoine, Bastion, Hapes, etc [b]Affiliation:[/b] Sith [b]Lightsaber Styles:[/b] Wraith's master, Krell, was, and still is, the best swordsman the Sith have had since the ancient days, and it shows in his apprentice. Wraith is a practitioner mostly of Form I, as it meshes most easily with his martial arts prowess. Wraith has spent, and still spends, countless hundreds of hours perfectly marrying his lightsaber technique with his hand to hand combat skills. In combat he is a swirling cloud of lightsaber, fist and foot, confounding his opponents with ferocity and finesse. With the force he enhances his own strength and speed in combat, while extending his awareness to predict his opponents movements and counter them. He treats all lightsaber fights like a game of chess, move and counter move, all moving towards the ultimate goal...checkmate.

Wraith dabbles in Form III, mostly to protect himself from blaster fire. While he does not devote nearly as much energy into it as he does his primary form, it serves as his primary means of defense in combat.


Customized lightsaber- scarlet lightsaber capable of extending its blade from as little as .5 meters out to nearly 1.8 meters. Likewise, the handle extends up to 8 feet and is impervious to lightsaber strikes, allowing Wraith to wield it like a spear should the need arise.


[b]Height:[/b] 1.9 Meters [b]Weight:[/b] 95.25 Kilos [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Pale Blue [b]Hair:[/b] Brown [b]Other Features:[/b] Wraith simply looks cold and calculating. He has distinctive tattoo's covering his body ((NOT like darth mauls)).

[b]Clothing:[/b] Wraith can typically be seen sporting the usual flowing black robes of the Sith. He prefers loose fitting sleeveless shirts and loose pants under his concealing robes. Occasionally Wraith wears the finest business suits, prefering dark reds, blues and blacks.

[b]Uniform:[/b] Similar to his usual sith robes, but when situation demands he wears sleeves. Likewise, when situation dictates, he wears robes made of finer cloth and silks.

[b]Personality:[/b] Wraith can be described only as a cold, calculating person. On the outside he shows little emotion, only callous uncaring. On the inside he is a seething torrent of hatred and anger, from his time in the Hapan Empire. He sees little need in being polite to anyone...ever. His loyalty knows no bounds, some would even say that loyalty to Wraith's extent is a flaw, not a boon.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Lance Garrison (brother), missing assumed deceased [b]Father:[/b] Reginald Garrison [b]Mother:[/b] Samantha Garrison


Acanthum was raised on Correllia, by his dirt poor parents, with his younger brother, Lance. Never truly satisfied with the farming life, when he was 18 he ran away to join the Empire as a soldier.

He enlisted, and was shipped to basic tie pilot school on Bastion. He turned out to be a natural pilot, doing far better than the majority of his classmates, he seemed to have far better reflexes than them. He studied hard, trained hard, and was eventually given his commission as a 2nd Leiutenant, and was shipped out to air wing 23.

However, he wasn't in there long before he applied for commando school, and was accepted. It was at the commando school that his talents really started to manifest. Acanthum is power hungry, but not only that, he is a tactical genius.

While still in school, he started writing books and thesis statements about leadership and warfare. He was most recognized for his paper, "71 Principles of an Empire: theories to destroy a larger enemy", for which he was given awards, and it became required reading for senior commanders of the empire. He kept thinking and plotting, he wrote several other books, "Juggernaught: A path to dictatorship", "Survival: small warlord tactics to fight superior enemies", "31 Leadership traits: small unit leadership."

Acanthum was considered a rising star amongst the empire, most believed he would have a long healthy career, and end up an Admiral. He graduated from his commando school second in his class, and was recruited to go to Spectral Squadron, a hybrid Commando/Tie Defender unit.

Acanthum was given command of a flight, called Wraith flight, where he got the nickname Wraith leader, later shortened to just Wraith. The entire Spectral Squadron mission was based around Wraith's, and other's tactics, to defeat a large empire with limited rescources. They took thier Tie Defender's at attacked supply depots, trade routes, and economic centers.

Posing as simple pirates, they managed to harass both the New Republic and the GNC without bringing blame upon the Empire. Wraith was proud that his tactics were being used, he started to buy into people's talk of him one day making Admiral.

However, Wraith's dream was shattered when budget cuts and a tactical overhall hit the fleet. New Admiral's in charge deemed Spectral Squadrons mission to be too expensive, risky, and not worth while. Their budgets were cut, and they were reintigrated into the fleet. Wraith hated flying in the fleet, feeling like just one in the crowd.

Luckily, he didn't get to fly long in the fleet. The Empire decided to attack Yaga Minor, and Wraith's flight was part of the attack force.

The battle was one of the toughest Wraith had ever fought in. When they first flew off the Star Destroyer, they found themselves outnumbered, and outgunned. His flight of Defender's, flanked by 60 year old Tie Fighters, attacked the the Republic's E-wings. He saw countless Tie Fighter's get picked off and destroyed. He didn't care, he cared very little for the common Tie pilot.

However, when his flight of 12 slowly was reduced to 9, and then to 7, and then to 4, he became very pissed. He ordered his remaining Defender's to land on the planet, they were going to join the land battle, he couldn't leave them up here to get killed with the common space jocks.

However, the battle on the ground was little better. Just getting to the ground, two others were shot down, now it was just his wing mate and himself. Setting on the ground, jumping and out of their Ties, and heading for the battle, his wingmate and himself were armed to the teeth.

However, bad luck still plagued them. They never even made it to the battle. They were attacked by a Republic brigade of infantry that had gotten lost and was randomly wandering the woods. As the two groups met, it was hopeless, 2 Imperial commandos versus 300 Republic infantry. Wraith ordered the retreat, but his wingmate was cut down before they could get away.

Wraith managed to evade the enemy before getting to his ship. Starting it back up, he blasted off the planet and headed away from the battle. He decided that the Imperials were weak, they would never be a great Empire again. He needed to find someone that shared his passion for power. He needed to find a group that wasn't weak.

He became a bounty hunter/ assasin to get money. He only had two skills, killing people, and planning on how to kill people better. The Hutt crime lords hired him as a common Bounty Hunter. He carried many missions, most involving simple assasinations, or simple robberies. He didn't care what work he got, he just needed money, so that he can begin his garnering for power.

Wraith's life changed when he agreed to take a hit out on Darth Krell, the Grand Inquisitor of the Sith at the time. He took his TIE defender and began a headlong assault on Krell's stronghold. Krell spared the boys life after sensing his strength in the force. Wraith was offered a choice, unending power, or die. Wraith of course, chose power.

Krell was a harsh, but no unjust master. In return for his tutelage Wraith returned endless loyalty and natural talent. He excelled and learned faster than the other apprentices, quickly becoming known as the most powerful apprentice in the sith. Wraith was adopted into Krell's family as a younger brother of sorts to the Inquisitor.

However, shortly after his knighting ceremony, the Sith civil war began. The Dark Lady Kikatris returned from the Nether regions and dominated the Sith. Krell and Wraith were forced to flee to Yavin 4 to avoid being killed outright. While on Yavin 4 they awakened the spirit of the Dark Lord Exar Kun, who named them the rightful Dark Lord and Dark Hand of the galaxy. The undead spirit trained them both in the most ancient of the dark arts, increasing their power incredibly.

Eventually, they reawakened the servants of the Massassi, from their eternal sleep. From the Massassi, Wraith learned Force Sorcery, and continued to perfect his sword technique.

However, when Krell's parents were killed by a mobb on Naboo, the two of them left Yavin 4 and flew to Naboo, sacking the city and singlehandedly slaughtering every inhabitant of the capital city, except one news reporter Wraith left alive to report their terror.

Upon their return to Yavin 4, Wraith and Krell slaughtered Exar Kun, fearing his power if left alive. Wraith was mortally wounded in the fight, but Krell saved him, extending to him some of his own life force to preserve Wraith's life.

From Yavin 4 Wraith headed to the Hapan Consortium and negotiated the alliance between Krell and the new Queen, Safran Fawn.

However, when Wraith returned, he found that Krell had been 'forgiven' by Kikatris and was heading up an assault on the Jedi Temple, as the Republic had recently outlawed the Jedi. Wraith spearheaded one of the assault teams in the Temple and battled his brother, Lance, for control of the artifact "the sword of Markos Ragnos" eventually winning, and taking the artifact for the Sith.

After the temple raid, the Sith once again degenerated into civil war. During a brief alliance with the crazed sith Arcane Doth, the Lord Hexus, and the droid engineer Spectre, Krell was able to muster enough power to overthrow Kikatris and claim the title of Dark Lord.

Wraith was sent to the outer rim with Cerrabus to conquer the Imperial Remnant. With Cerrabus, he brought the Imperial Warlords under heel and brought the Remnant into the GNC. Afterword, he was sent to the Outter Rim to hide with a huge portion of the fleet, as a reserve for the GNC in the upcoming war.

Wraith was not heard from again for several months, until he was recalled by Krell. Removed from his position as Dark Hand, he was instead named an advisor and head of the state religion. Wraith moved to Yavin 4 to rule the Massassi, all the while increasing his Sorcery and swordsmanship.

During the collapse of the Republic Wraith was given a fleet and told to destroy the Republic's Outer Rim, which Wraith tried for many months. After many months of being denied a real battle by the Republic Navy, he was finally recalled by Krell for the Coronation Ceremony as the new Emperor, which was when the new aliens showed up...

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