wreck-it ralph sound and 5th grade adventure clips

The title is changed to Wreck-it Bear


Bear as wreck-it ralph

nia as vanollope von schweetz

Frankie as fix-it felix

Sean/The Grinch from (The Grinch) as King Candy/Turbo

elizabeth as sergeant calhoun

Jason as General Hollagram

Genie Jafar from (Aladdin) as Bowser

hades (hercules) as Dr. Eggman

oogie boogie (the nightmare before christmas) as neff (altered beast)

lizzy jones as The Zombie

judge doom (who framed roger rabbit) as M. Bison

muscle man (regular show) as zangief (street fighters 2)

High five Ghost (Regular Show) as clyde (pacman)

chatter phone ( toy story) as Q*bert

Snake Jafar from (Aladdin) as King Candy as a Cy-Bug

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