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Wreck-It Ralph, or simply Ralph, is the main protagonist of the 2012 Disney movie of the same name and the main antagonist of Fix-It Felix, Jr.

He is the video game villain of Fix-It Felix, Jr. He lived in an garbage dump where he called "Home". He tells Gene, the mayor of Niceland, he's not a bad guy by ordering Felix's medal.

Ralph was accidentally step on hatched egg Cy-bug by landed on Sugar Rush, rushed on striped candle-shaped trees. He found Vanellope, snatches an medal. He tells her won it in Hero's Duty, not Hero's Doodie. But now befriends with her.

Next, King Candy went to find medal in the memories, including "Winner's Cup" and his code. He tells Ralph when Vanellope cannot be a racer, calling him "Son". Now Ralph's hands are now ruins Vanellope's cart created in Kart Factory.

He went to Fix-It Felix, Jr., he tell Gene he's here until it's too late! It is all Ralph's fault for jump on Hero's Duty. Litwak is not pulled the plug in the morning. Ralph tried leave alone in the garbage dump. Gene tells him he can live alone in the penthouse.

It was a depressed day in Sugar Rush, Wreck-It Ralph telling Sour Bill what is King Candy doing this to Vanellope? He licks the cute green guy by not eaten him. He went to Fungeon, promises his adopted brother Felix he never be a good again.

While Wreck-It Ralph tells Vanllope, don't have to win, to cross this finish line. The populace are under attack by Cy-bugs. Meanwhile, King Candy tell Vanellope move away from his track. The racer turn an violent racer into actually Turbo in Turbo-Time, where Ralph and Felix saw them.

This time, an sky turning green into dark red! As Vanellope tells Wreck-It Ralph "Glitches can't leave games". Ralph went to Vanellope's Diet Cola Mountain, he wrecks its Mentos stalactites landed right on top of its Diet Coke hot water. An volcano mountain resembles a beacon for Cy-bugs.

After saying good-bye to Vanellope, Ralph went to Felix game where the arcade's opening. What is wrong with jumped-game Ralph?


Counterparts (Wreck-It Ralph Version) (Boy Version)

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Counterparts (Girl Version)

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Counterparts (Sonic Version)


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