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Part of writing is editing and revising. This Wiki will be a place where you can share your work and also have others edit your writing. Sometimes assignments can appear on the page. The first one is a brain storming exercise.


The following are links to help you understand Wikis and to become familiar with the Wikiworld.

Wikia: Follow this link to explore "Wikia".
Tutorial: Follow this link for a quick tutorial on how to edit a wiki.
Scratcpad Wiki Labs: Follow this link to create a mini-wiki.


The first step in the writing process is brainstorming. Answer the following by editing this page.

Please leave your name.

Answer both questions.

Follow my example-

  • What is the most interesting thing that has happen to me the past year that I could possibly write about?
    • I had a baby boy. Mrs. McErlean
    • The most interesting thing that happened to me last year is what I would describe as a significant switch in my career. Having recently developed a strong interest in advanced learning technologies, I decided to gear my natural language processing expertise towards educational technologies. Since September 2006, I joined the faculty of the Graduate School of Education at Penn and a world of bold challenge but also wonderful opportunity has opened up.--Happyville
  • My best friend is....
    • My best friend is one of the funniest people I know. Even when I do not want to laugh, she can make me! Mrs. McErlean
    • My best friend is one of the smartest, most competent, most considerate and mostloving people I know. Before I met her, I thought that people could be either superbly competent and smart or really very nice expending a lot of energy taking care of others. I simply could not see how one could have sufficient mental and physical energy to excel in many ways. I was wrong. It's possible to be both. No excuses!--Happyville 16:49, 28 June 2007 (UTC)


This is were you can post questions that can be answered by me or by your peers!


Writing Text Book

Purdue's Owl



Post your writing here for the class to edit! Don't forget to sign your name.

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