That's my toolbelt! Give it back!


Wubbzy Gets A Toolbelt is an episode of the seventh season


A new fixer called Wubbzy has to use a toolbelt, and Mr. Toolbelt is the only

one available. Later, Wubbzy is putting Mr. Toolbelt away

when Bernard says he belongs to Widget. Wubbzy

searches for Widget, who had to find a new toolbelt. Wubbzy is still searching for Widget when

he hears that Bernard has not cleared the crossing, so he goes right away. Bernard

has broken his leg and Widget's running near him and

can't stop in time. Wubbzy saves Bernard and when he goes to the yard, Jerry

gives him his very own toolbelt.



Wubbzy (debut)



Mr. Toolbelt

Daizy (does not speak)

Huggy (does not speak)

Walden (cameo)

Frog (cameo)

Tom (cameo)

Harry (cameo)

Tootles (cameo)

Fogman (cameo)

Trot (deleted scene cameo)




Earl's Mountain (deleted scene)


Resting Home


The narrator said, Widget took Mr. Toolbelt back to

the building yard, but Widget is taking another toolbelt.

Wubbzy has Mr. Toolbelt by mistake. When Widget came to Knappy, Mr. Toolbelt

is seen with her, so they get there before Wubbzy.

After Wubbzy drops off Mr. Toolbelt in the shed, he changes position as he is sent

to find Widget.

Widget should have lots of

time to stop for Bernard.

When the narrator says, Later, Jerry had something for Wubbzy, Bernard looks upset.

The first scene got mirrored.

Huggy has Walden's mouth noise at the beginning.

Studio equipment is seen when Widget cries, Give it back!


US title card Wubbzy's toolbelt

Stock footage

Deleted scene Deleted scene Deleted Scene

Alternate scene

Deleted scene Deleted scene

Deleted scene Deleted scene

Widget and Wubbzy Wubbzy, Jerry, and Tootles

Mr. Toolbelt Daizy

Huggy and Wubbzy Widget at Maith Bernard

Stock footage Widget and Walden Wubbzy, Harry, and Huggy

Deleted scene Deleted scene

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