Oh my Wubbzy! What's the matter with you?! You look really silly!


Wubbzy and Bucker is an episode of the fifteenth season


It is now Bucker's turn to get his award for being On the Job.

Jerry tells Bucker that it is his honor to be the big cheese

of the fair and Wubbzy has to take him there. The Western

Fixers are playing their favourite game, Munk Yourself Mouths,

where they make chipmunk noises with their mouths. Wubbzy

wants to play the game, so he can show everyone at

the fair. The Western Fixers remind Wubbzy that it

takes a long time, but Wubbzy is sure he can do it. So

Wubbzy and Bucker leave. When they arrive at

a station, Wubbzy asks Bucker to show him how to

play the game. Bucker tells him that making

chipmunk noises uses a lot of energy, which doesn't concern

Wubbzy at all. When they are practising, Earl arrives and is very interested

in Bucker's munk yourself mouth. This makes Wubbzy even

more excited about playing the game. Later, Wubbzy and Bucker come to a siding.

Wubbzy insists that Bucker tell him how to do

it again and still ignores Bucker's warning about energy. Then, Cupid comes

on his way to the fair. He hears Bucker's munk yourself mouth and

is also very interested which makes Wubbzy more excited to learn

to play the game. It isn't long before Wubbzy and Bucker come to another

siding. Wubbzy asks Bucker to show him once more, but

Bucker tells him that he's out of energy but Wubbzy ignores. Cosmo

comes and in concerned by the look on Wubbzy's face

and rushes to inform Jerry. Then there is trouble-

Bucker cannot move! So Wubbzy goes to the

fair on his own. When he is there, everyone comes to

Wubbzy. They know all about the chipmunk

mouths. Wubbzy tries to make chipmunk noises, but

it is no use. Wubbzy knows he needs

Bucker to excite everyone. So he gets Bucker

some water and they return to the fair, where

Bucker entertains everyone. Wubbzy blushes so red,

that chipmunk noises come from his mouth!



Buck and Bucker






Band (cameo)

Greg (cameo)

Colberg (cameo)




Resting Home

Work Place

Find and Save

Western Tunnel


Loading Station


It was dangerous for Wubbzy and Bucker to

go on the siding.

Mouths can't make chipmunk noises.

The switches switch fast.

Bucker couldn't run out

of energy that bad.

Cosmo and Cupid went

into the wrong direction, they

went to the fair.

How did Greg get to the fair?


Title Card Stock Footage Stock Footage



Buck and Bucker Widget



Cosmo Cosmo, Wubbzy, Bucker, and Greg

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