The Brave Little Toaster sound of the An American Tail: Fievel Goes West clips.


  • Cat R. Waul: I guess we can assume wasn't him, right?
  • Tiger: Let's get back to work.
  • Chula: You got it!
  • Shrek: Here I come!
  • Miss Kitty: (We hear a crying Fievel. Tiger pushed the long chair. Wylie Burp pushed into the Miss Kitty in the rafter.) Sorry, for that interruption folks. The return to our regularly scheduled program count this time.
  • Littlefoot: You shouldn't been little pioneers isn't it?
  • Topsy: Shut up, Littlefoot.
  • Shrek: Don't worry, Littlefoot. I'm promised we coming back.
  • Littlefoot's Grandpa: Hey! There's a car, I can't believe it!
  • Littlefoot's Grandpa and Littlefoot: Uh, I don't know.
  • Fievel: (The coming back will holding a picture of "Tanya". Long pause and finally cry loudly.)
  • Wylie Burp: (sighs) Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's disgusting! EVERY TIME I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! EVERY SINGLE TIME... GIVE ME THAT STUPID PICTURE!!
  • Fievel: NO, NO!!
  • Tiger: I'll just put it away!
  • Fievel: Help me!
  • Wylie Burp: In the garbage!
  • Fievel: No, you can't!!
  • Wylie Burp: You wimp!
  • Tiger: LET GO!!
  • Wylie Burp: He's not comin' back anyway!
  • Fievel: Wylie Burp, let go!
  • Wylie Burp: You!
  • Fievel: You!
  • Wylie Burp: You!
  • Fievel: You!
  • Wylie Burp: YOU!!
  • Wylie Burp and Fievel: SHREK!
  • Shrek: If you can't share than nobody gets the picture of "Tanya"! I'm calling the Police right now!
  • Wylie Burp: This is so totally a mistake!
  • Cat R. Waul: Are you alright, Fievel?
  • Fievel: Yes, Cat R. Waul.
  • Miss Kitty: What are we earth are the doing?!

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