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Each clan has their own sovereign, and the sovereign of the dominant clan is named the “Grand Sovereign” who is then the leader of the race as a whole. This practice began millennia ago, when the clans first encountered each other for the first time, and their first recourse was conflict, naturally. After the first dominant clan was established, the clans lived in cooperation, with the periods of peace interrupted by skirmishes for the Grand Sovereignty. Quite counter-intuitively, this system survives to this very day, defining the entire culture of the X’xtx’im. Each of the six clans, Mor, Bac, Dran, Hana, Akk, and Rvv developed separately for some time before encountering each other. To this day, old rivalries and tensions remain from that ancient time. Even the first city-states established by the six clans are the names of the six comfortably habitable planets in the X’ntm System.

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