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This is an original short story by Darth JCS.

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Chapter 1


This sound and the smell of brimstone marked Kurt Wagner’s teleporting. He was as happy as a little kid at Christmas, summer vacation had finally arrived. Things were different at the X-Mansion without Scott and Jean since they had left for college, and now Kurt was going to be a senior.

“Come on Rogue, we haven’t got all day!”

“I’m coming blue fur ball, ya don’t want me to forget my gloves do ya!”

Kurt was in the garage getting his Jeep ready. It was only a few days ago that he received some money from his mother, Mystique. Probably the work of Agitha Harkness, he thought. Agitha Harkness was a good friend of Mystique’s, and was also the keeper of her money. After making sure the money wasn’t counterfeit or contained something that would make Kurt ill, he used it to buy a ’07 Jeep Wrangler. He loved driving it at night, with the top down and letting his tail fly in the breeze.

“All right, lets get this show on the road,” said Rogue as she came out.

Rogue and Kurt were spending their summer in Rome. However, that wasn’t the only reason they were going. The previous night Professor Xavier had sensed new mutants, a lot of them! They were all in Rome. What made this strange was that all except one had something different about their mutations. They had unnatural mutations!

As Rogue jumped in the Jeep, Kurt turned the key. They drove it into the lower section of their jet-copter: the XM-Velocity. They then jumped out, climbed the ladder to the upper section and started up the propellers. As they flew into the morning sun, Kurt pondered what these unnatural mutations meant.

Many miles away another person pondered the meaning of something. It was only a few minutes ago that he overheard a conversation between Darts and his father: Vespero. He heard his father say something that still sent a chill down his spine, “He is no longer my son! He is a monstrosity and nothing more!” Daniel then peered down at a rock a few inches away from his feet; it was about the size of a baseball. He concentrated on it, on the gravity around it. Suddenly it started floating in the air as if it was in outer space. He returned gravity to its normal amount suddenly; and the rock fell with a CRACK! He then walked away promising himself that his father would pay for all that he had done.

Chapter 2

Vespero de Marie Blake: leader of the Red-X, a group of genetically modified humans trained to assassinate mutants; he was also a father to, sadly, and, ironically, a mutant. Two! He felt a surge of pain. Thoughts of his dear daughter Anna Marie flooded his mind. He saw that dreadful day in his mind, as he often did. “ Please forgive me,” he silently said to himself. At that moment Minx decided to come in. Minx was an attempt to combine mountain lion and human DNA. She was Red-X’s most valuable member. She was also it’s deadliest.

“What’s up, Dracula,” she said teasingly.

Vespero was an attempt to combine bat DNA with human. The human DNA had annihilated most of the bat, however it had left him with fangs, claws and an unnatural desire for blood. Fortunately he had found a cure for that ages ago. But it hadn’t been soon enough.

“Not now,” he said rather grumpily.

“What’s wrong, cat got your tongue?”

Vespero suddenly, and very swiftly jumped out of his chair, jumped on to the desk, and hissed at her. Unimpressed she came up to him, kissed him and left. But not before saying, “We’ve got new Muties in town.” Another strange gift the scientists at HYDRA had given her: she could smell mutants.

Chapter 3

“Mini-Cerebro unit hasn’t picked up anything, yet.” Rogue said, strapping the MC watch to her wrist and running out of the Velocity and onto the parking area. It was a small valley a couple of miles away from Rome. Their plan was to drive up there, get everything set up in a hotel room, and then scout out the area. If things went bad it would be helpful to know their way around the city. Rogue saw Kurt ‘port out of the copter. Rogue was amused to see Kurt’s image inducer falter a bit. One second there was Kurt Wagner, High School Senior, the next, the Nightcrawler, blue skin, enlarged canines and a prehensile tail.

“Oh, weak man,” Nightcrawler muttered as he tried to reboot the inducer.

“Oh look, tourists looking for a freak show,” Rogue called to him teasingly knowing he’d freak out.

He turned to her and gave her a nasty look; he then broke out into a grin and said “Nice joke meun freund.

After they had all the supplies packed and had locked up and cloaked the Velocity they hit the road. After a while they finally arrived in Rome. They passed bakeries, statues and the Coliseum. They spent two hours enjoying the sights and the smells. At 5:00 they made their way to the hotel. It was a round, five story building. Right over the entrance door was a sign that said “The Rose”. Parking close to the entrance they got out of the car and went in.

Rogue went straight to the check in counter and asked for assistance. A handsome male attendant of about 20 came to her.

“How can I help you,?” he asked.

“A room was reserved here for me and my friend.”

“What name is it under?”

“Charles Xavier.”

After searching a bit on the database he found what he was looking for. He went into the small room in the back and pulled out two key cards. He handed them to Rogue and told them that their room number was 304. Rogue thanked him, then, turning to Kurt nearly laughed out loud. Kurt was sitting at a table with a plate filled with Burger Bombs. Kurt saw her and called to her in a full mouth “They’ve got everything!”

After they had unpacked their luggage they went back to the Jeep and headed to Olive Garden for dinner. About half way the MC began beeping.

“Looks like we got us a mutant,” Rogue cried. She then pushed a button on the MC and a holographic display of the city hovered right over the watch. It displayed their target a few miles away from their position.

Turning into an alley Rogue stripped off her civilian clothes to reveal her X-Men uniform underneath. Kurt deactivated his inducer to reveal Nightcrawler. Suddenly they both started hovering in the air, as if they were in a 0G environment. Then, from right behind a dumpster, walked out a kid. He looked to be 15 years old, with short blonde hair that had a dark brown streak down it. He had purple eyes and an angry expression on his face.

“Hello, X-Men!”

Chapter 4

“Who are you, and how do you know who we are,” the Goth girl, Rogue, yelled at him. She hovered right beside a blue, fuzzy elf-demon thing.

“I’m Centrifuge, and I’ve been, expecting you!”

He noticed that the blue one, Nightcrawler, was suddenly gone. All of a sudden he heard laughing and his breath was knocked out of him as Nightcrawler landed right on top of him.

“That’s a sad come back kleiner junge.”

Daniel felt himself being pushed up against a wall. Rogue was walking toward him. Must have returned gravity when he landed on me he thought. She took off the glove on her right hand and touched him. His world suddenly went dark.

When he woke up, Daniel found himself in a strange place, like the inside of an aircraft.

“Why’d you attack us?”

“What did you do to me?” he asked in return.

The girl looked down at him and smirked, “It’s a dark gift, and I wield it happily.”

Daniel looked away and replied, “I didn’t want to attack you, I…” He mustered all the courage he could to betray his father. “I wanted your help.”

“Why should we believe you,” the furry one said, “You attacked us!”

“I’m sorry.” He looked as if he were near tears.

Rogue gave Nightcrawler a cut-it-out stare.

“When I took his memories I remembered him planning to peacefully ask for our help.”

The boy, Centrifuge, looked up at her in a strange way.

“When I touched you, I took your memories, your powers and your thoughts, including those about betraying your father, Vespero.”

“Why would you want to betray your own father?” the furry one said.

“Because, he’s assassinating mutants, been doing so before I was born.”

“Then why aren’t you dead armes kind?”

“Because, he’s already lost one child to his evilness, he doesn’t want to lose another.” He watched, as Rogue looked straight a head of her, out beyond any normal plane of existence, to an almost dream-like past.

He kept silent for a moment, while Rogue recovered from whatever it was that had struck her. “Will you help me?”


The boy got up and hugged Rogue. Rogue shook him off and asked him what his real name was.

“Daniel,” he said. Rogue then asked him if he was hungry. Daniel nodded, so Rogue pointed to where there was some food. She then motioned Kurt over.

“What happened their, schrittschwester?”

“I…I don’t know. It was like havin’ a seizure. Some how, Vespero, Daniels dad. I…I think…He’s my dad.”

Chapter 5

Early in the morning the three mutants: Rogue, Kurt and Daniel reviewed their plans for getting into Red-X’s hideout. Once that was done they went straight to an old warehouse. Spotting two guards at the entrance Kurt quickly teleported close to them, then threw a couple of knockout gas capsules and watched as the guards fell within seconds. He motioned to Rogue and watched as they ran over to him.

“There’s a voice recognition lock at the entrance.”

“No prob, I can just teleport us to the other side, they’ll never see it coming.”

Rogue and Daniel quickly grabbed Nightcrawlers hands as they were teleported to the other side of the door. They soon realized they weren’t alone. All around them were people of every ethnicity with some strange mutation.

“I guess these are the unnatural mutants,” Rogue said as she gazed at each one. Suddenly out of the crowd walked a man in his 40’s, dressed in black and wearing an evil smile on his face.

“Saw it coming.”

Rogue jumped toward him, bare hand racing toward him. They both screamed in pain as Rogue made contact. They both lay on the floor unconscious. Nightcrawler ran to Rogues side and helped her to her feet.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, man I’ve got some twisted images in here,” she said pointing to her head. They looked over to Vespero who looked at Rogue as if he’d seen a ghost.


Suddenly Rogues mind started spinning, images flashed through her mind. She was Vespero in his 20’s, smiling at a woman with a dark tan and brown hair with a blonde streak through it, she looked at the woman as a name and a title popped into her mind: Angelina Marie and Mom. The image swirled then cleared as Rogue found herself as Vespero the same age, yet different. Filled with evil and anger he was growling at Angelina and a baby, a baby with pale skin, dark hair and a white streak through it. She felt a connection with it and in a split second new it was she. She noticed the three of them were on a rickety old bridge with a rushing river many yards below them. Vespero rushed toward Angelina and killed her. He grabbed the baby but threw her over the side when her mutant powers emerged. Before the baby hit the water, a crow with a strange yet familiar gleam in its eye caught the baby and flew it away. Mystique!

All of a sudden Rogue found herself back in the warehouse, sitting in front of a desk with Vespero looking back at her.


“Huh,” she said groggily.

“Your name, it’s Anna, Anna Marie.”

“I ain’t your daughter.”

“You’re just like your mother, a bad liar, I know you got my memories, I know you know the truth.”

“Where are my friends?”

“Mr. Wagner and my son, your brother, are back in the Velocity, asleep.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to come back home with me,” he said excitedly. Daniels thoughts and feelings suddenly came rushing back. The anger he had felt for so long watching as his father murdered his kind, and then spoke behind his back.

“No! I’m not, You’ve done worse than Mystique, I ain’t gonna live with you knowin that.” She jumped out of her seat and reached out for Vespero. Vespero did the same. As their hands met, each other’s thoughts, feelings and personalities came rushing into one another.

“We have the same power, we’re equally matched,” Vespero said weakily. Rogue realized she was getting weaker and Vespero was getting stronger. She called all her will to help her. Thoughts of her friends came into her mind. Xavier, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Kurt, Shadowcat, Spyke, and all the other X-Men. Then she remembered the Brotherhood and the Acolytes, Mystique, Avalanche, Toad, Blob, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Sabretooth, Gambit, Pyro, and Colossus. They gave her strength. All of a sudden she realized Vespero was lying on the desk, dead. She quickly pulled out a few charges and placed them in the room. She then quickly ran out to the Jeep with a giant explosion right behind her.

Chapter 6

An hour later she was back in the Velocity roaring back to the mansion. Kurt and Daniel had woken up but went back to sleep after she told them what had happened. Rogue sat alone in the cockpit, holding the joystick steady, thinking and wondering. For so many years she had wondered about her past. She knew Mystique had adopted her then dumped her on another friend of hers: Destiny. She now realized who her true family was. No, she thought, the X-Men are my family, no one else. She smiled to herself as she soared off into the night.

German Dictionary

  • Meun Freund: My Friend
  • Kleiner Junge: Little Boy
  • Armes Kind: Poor Child
  • Schrittschwester: Stepsister

Behind the Scenes

  • This article was created by Darth JCS.
  • This article was originally written as a short story for Darth JCS's Creative Writing class.

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