XGen Studios Inc. is a developer and publisher of Macromedia Flash|Flash games on the Internet. Founded in 2001 by Skye Boyes, XGen Studios is currently based in Canada. It's website attracts over 3 million monthly players[1].

Games Created by XGen Studios

  • Defend Your Castle - A game involving the defense of a castle under attack by several varieties of stick-figure.
  • Cinderfall - A relatively unknown game that is no longer on the website. It was a post-apocalyptic RPG still in its beta.
  • Fishy - A game where the player is a fish constantly trying to eat smaller fish and avoiding larger fish, playable in either a "classic" or level-based mode.
  • Graffiti - A game that involves several virtual walls that one can spray painting so that other users can see the messages or drawings written.
  • MotherLoad - A game involving digging for minerals below the surface of Mars.
  • Stick RPG - An incomplete role-playing game involving stick figures.
  • Stick RPG Complete - The complete version of Stick RPG.
  • Stick RPG 2 - The unreleased sequel to Stick RPG.
  • Stick Arena - A multiplayer game involving stick-figures fighting with a variety of weapons.
  • Stick Arena: Go Ballistick! - Update to Stick Arena featuring six new weapons. Only two have been revealed to the public.[1]


Shortly after the release of Stick Arena to the public, the Xgen Studios Forums are prone to extended downtime, database errors, lag, and a phenomenon which the members define as a 'n00b flood'. Downtime is usually off and on, sometimes it's off for 3 minutes, others for 2 or 3 days. However, the frequency that downtime occurs has diminished recently, as one of the problems was a massive thread in the forum which has since been removed.

Additionally, the forums were updated to the most recent version of vBulletin, which was expected to eliminate the frequent downtime, it didn't, however, as the forum suffered a large downtime on October 6th . They are still suffering from large down time, even with the "return of Jordan" to the forums. Jordan is gone once again. But a new fix has been added to the fact that TwiZted Jok3R has managed the new and improved code.


The XGenStudios site went through a major redesign on February 28, 2007. The site was made to look much more "modern". One of the major changes is that games now open in a pop-up window. However, many of the hard-core veteran "elites" members felt that the new site had just turned into one of the many "professional looking" sites. They felt that the old design, although modest, was at least unique.

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