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ZackLEGOHarryPotter's movie-spoof of Disney's "Mulan".


  • XJ-4 (My Life as a Teenage Robot) as Mulan
  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Shang
  • James (Thomas & Friends) as Mushu
  • Roo (Winnie the Pooh) as Cri-Kee
  • Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) as Khan
  • Young Copper (The Fox and the Hound) as Little Brother
  • Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective) as Shan-Yu
  • Boo-Boo Bear as Yao
  • Koda (Brother Bear) as Ling
  • Yogi Bear as Chien-Po
  • Zazu (The Lion King) as Chi-Fu
  • Yen Sid (Fantasia) as General Li
  • Brad (My Life as a Teenage Robot) as Fa-Zhou
  • Susan Murphy (Monsters VS Aliens) as Fa-Li
  • Duchess (The Aristocats) as Grandmother Fa
  • Pacha (The Emperor's New Groove) as the Emperor of China
  • Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove) as the Matchmaker
  • Sulley (Monsters, Inc.) as the First Ancestor Fa
  • Monsters (Monsters, Inc.) as the Ancestors
  • Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Whoops (The Mr. Men Show) as the Maidens

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