xLovers is a collection of mods for the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion created by collection of Japanese modder. It is basically a modification that adds mature content to the game such as sex and pregnancy. What makes it different from other sex mods is xLovers is actually dynamic and depending on how your setting is, can affect your gameplay in certain way.

Guide to installing xLovers[Obsolete]

Head to for the latest Lovers info. They've got it fairly well-organized now.


Latest Oblivion patch (1.2.0416)
Oblivion Mod Manager(Recommended):
Better Oblivion Sorting Software(Recommended):
Oblivion Script Extender:
Break Undie Framework:
Coronerras Maximum Compatability Skeletons:


rev 78 is now obsolete you should use rev 85 english release.

Lovers with PK 1.4.1 rev 85 (includes everything as of 26/01/11):

Note: As an alternative to BOSS, you can manually sort the .esps/esms with a Load Order guide provided in the rev 85 package.


visit for the latest english package. As of 2/26/2011 both the files and information on this wiki are outdated.


Cursed Armor:
- Cursed armor is incompatible with LoversRaperS. If you want to use it, either disable RaperS, or change the settings in-game so you cannot rape or be raped through RaperS.


To start with, make sure you've gotten all the requirements! Go ahead and install them, I'll wait.

Once you've got all of that installed, unzip Lovers with PK 1.4 Rev 78.

Copy everything from the Main Install folder into your Oblivion Data folder.

If you wish to use some of the machine-translated plugins, copy them from the Optional Plugins folder into your Oblivion Data folder.

If you want to use Cursed armor, download the cursed armor 7z file and unpack it. Copy everything from the Cursed Armor Quest folder into your oblivion data folder, merging and overwriting where necessary. You also have to rename "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll" to "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_Hud.dll" in the OBSE folder.

Run BOSS, and make certain everything is checked in oblivion mod manager.

Congratuations, you have installed Lovers! Enjoy.


  • Ashali for creating this guide (Original is here).
  • Thanks to everyone at for making this possible.
  • A shout-out to Honesty for her tutorial that gave me the inspiration to write this.
  • Props to Avatier for starting the hongfire thread, and having a decent list of extra stuff in his post.

How to beautify your character

This tutorial will teach you how to make Oblivion women beautiful from a fresh install. Please do follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT skip any one of them unless I said so. Failure to comply will result in wrath of Sithis! I know it's a bunch load of texts but reading them will benefit you in the long run when you have problems.

Thank you to Honesty for inspiring me to make this tutorial.

Also this tutorial will work under the assumption that you are mainly using FEMALE character and don't really care much about male. I.E. You're gazing at female more than male. This is because there will be drawback when you successfully installed the mods where male's head color can be a little bit off from the body.

You may skip to Part 4 if you know files and folders structures of Oblivion.

Part 0 : Preface

After you finished installing Oblivion and all of its additional contents. (Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine and all DLC plugin) You must download and install the following patches first. Most of the Edition available today are patched to the official latest version so you don't have to worry unless you have the first release edition.

  1. The Unofficial Patch
  2. The Unofficial Patch Supplemental
  3. The Shivering Isles Patch
  4. The Unofficial MODs Patch

These patches will fix tons of bugs that are not fixed by the latest Official Patch. Careful with The Unofficial MODs Patch though. Only select to patch DLC that you own.

One of the most important fix it offers is that it allows you to use custom race. Valen Dreth, the prisoner at the start of the game will have no dialogue to insult you if you use custom race and you'll be stuck in prison forever because the story cannot advance.

Once you're done with them. You're ready to roll for the next step.

It would be wise to backup the entire Oblivion folder somewhere else in case you guys want to reinstall.

Part 1: What you have to know

General Knowledge about Oblivion

  • The word 'vanilla' means original Oblivion files/armors/body and anything that's not touched by the mods. I.E. default.
  • The default install directory for Oblivion is C:\Program Files\BethSoft\Oblivion. So if I say "Data folder", I mean "C:\Program Files\BethSoft\Oblivion\Data"
  • All mods works with any edition of PC version. Bad news for Xbox360 and PS3 player. However, some mods have a requirement for certain DLC and plugins. Remember that Game of the Year Edition includes Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansion pack.
  • Steam user may also rest easy because GOTY Edition there is the same as the boxed retail version.
  • No official mods (plugin) like Frostcrag Spire are included for GOTY Edition. You got to buy them or find them yourself.
  • For Steam user, Game of the Year Edition Deluxe is the same as above but includes all official DLC plugin as well. If you didn't own Oblivion and plan to buy one through Steam. I'd recommend this one.

File Format

  • The format .BSA is like a big package of files for Oblivion. This is Bethesda Archive and you should NOT modify them in any manners. They are NOT plugin file and will always be overridden by any files of the same name and location in Data folder.
  • Because .BSA is like a big mother of all resources. You don't have to worry that you might miss vital file forever when you delete one in the folder. The game will use the one in .BSA instead.
  • The format .ESP and .ESM is a plugin (mod) file for your Oblivion. They'll ALWAYS go to your "Oblivion\Data" folder and nowhere else. They do not contain textures nor any meshes so most of the time they'll be under 1MB unless it's a really big mod.
  • The difference between .ESP and .ESM is that .ESM is the master (parent) file that contain many objects that are referenced by many .ESP. They'll always be loaded first before .ESP and may be overriden easily.
  • Some people are confused after they dumped armor mod that has no .ESP file included that why there's no armor in game. That's becaus there are only resources in the Data folder but no proper .ESP file to implement them into the game.
  • The format .NIF is the meshes (the structure and framework of the clothes, armor and such). If you download a mod and you have only this file, you better make sure you know what you're downloading because they'll always be accompany by texture files(see below). If you download a brand new armor mod and it contains only .NIF file then you're screwed. The armor will have only meshes but no textures.
  • NIF files will locate the textures in your Oblivion folder automatically if you install it right.
    For example, ArmorA.nif use texture from "Data\textures\ArmorAPack\"
    If you move the texture to "Data\textures\ArmorBPack\", the NIF will not be able to find it!
  • The format .DDS is the textures (pictures) file for meshes. They'll always go to "Data\textures" and nowhere else.
  • File of other formats including .EGM .EGT would likely to go to "Data\meshes" Like .NIF, if you have only textures it will not work because there are no meshes to use them.
  • The format .OMOD is an archive/file made to work with "Oblivion Mod Manager". DO NOT put them into Data folder because it will not work. You must put them into "Oblivion\obmm\mods" then use OBMM to install it.

About Popular Mods

  • HGEC (Hentai Gentlemen EyeCandy Body)
    One of the most popular FEMALE (not male) body meshes and textures mod available in the modding community. There are plenty of meshes ranging from regular A-cup to H-cup breasts to Super Muscular GUTS Body that use the very same texture for body. This is because those body meshes are part of the HGEC family and the textures that are designed for HGEC will be perfectly compatible. Many armor and clothes use HGEC as a base too so I personally recommend this one.
  • Notice that Foot textures ( will be added to your meshes directory when HGEC is installed but not something like Why? HGEC used the "foot texture slot " to make one big overlay texture of the entire body. Nipples, private parts and the entire body is determined by this "" and not something like ""
    You may also want to look at Khajiiti Body Gone Haywire section below
  • Exnem
    Exnem is the predecessor of HGEC body. Its full name is Eye Candy Body or EC but is usually referred by its author name. It's outdated now but many old armors and clothes that are not up-to-date still use them. If your character use HGEC meshes and then wear Exnem armor, it's still fine.
  • BBB (Better Bouncing Boobs)
    BBB is NOT a mod for you to install but rather what we called when someone fixed female breasts in clothes/armors meshes (.NIF) and allow it to bounce jiggly. They're just an eye candy. HOWEVER, many Japanese armors and clothings use this function and thus you'll need to download Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons. Failure to do so with result in an ugly graphical glitch that you cannot bear to see.
  • Remember that Coronerras Skeletons are one of the best alternatives of all skeletons but some mods out there may overwrite it with their own skeleton, resulting in graphical glitch again.
  • To fix it, just install Coronerras again and it will be fine. Remember that some mods like newer version of Deadly Reflex will not work if it doesn't install its own skeleton so choose your poison carefully!
  • The Big 4 Mods
    • FCOM: Convergence (Francesco + WarCry + Oscuro + Martigen)
    • OOO (Obscuros Oblivion Overhaul)
    • MMM (Martigen Monster Mod)
    • WarCry
    • Francesco, Fran

These are a very big and serious overhaul business that will alter your Oblivion experiences forever. I do not use them myself and many mods DO CONFLICT with them.

  • You might have to download and install compatibility patches plugin to make the mods that conflict with FCOM works. Personally (and sadly) I don't use any of FCOM because wanted to stay away from troubles. If you got any questions regarding any of them, you're asking a wrong person. I hope you can find an expert on FCOM to address your problems.
    This tutorial is written under the assumption that you're NOT using any of the FCOM.
  • MBP (Modular Beautiful People)
  • MBP++ ((Modular Beautiful People++)
    MBP is a mod by Japanese creators that contains loads and loads of eyes and hairstyles. It will also add many popular (and unpopular) race to your game. This is a requirement for many Japanese mods because it provides a library of resources for them to use
  • But personally, I don't use this because:
    • It clutters the meshes and textures folder. There's a lot of things to be installed and it's quite chaotic.
    • It adds too many races. I used only a few races and I wanted only a few races but MBP gave me more than what I expected.
    • It messed up text description of many races. If you don't care about them then it's okay.
    • MBP++ is an addon to MBP. You must install MBP first or else the game will not work properly at all.
    • MBPs good to start for new player because it's relatively complete package of race you may want to download in the future and it keeps growing and growing. You can install it after following my tutorial as well.
    • It should be noted some Xlovers mods such as Loversborn2 require MBP and MBP++ to be installed.
  • x117 Race (Loli race)
    No this plugin doesn't add 117 races to your game. I don't know why they even name it this way. x117 Race is also a Japanese mod that requires MBP. It contains races that have bigger head than their ordinary counterpart and shorter stature. In other words, a child.
  • TESNexus prohibit this from being uploaded or discussed there because of the bullshit U.S. Child Protection Law. TESNexus doesn't want any trouble regarding child-killing or child-molestation mod in Oblivion and so they prevent it in the first place. However, they're quite popular in Japanese community because there's no such law to restrict them and they're cute too. You have to find them yourself though.
  • x117 however has 2 huge drawbacks:
    • You can't wear any headwear in the game unless it's design specifically for x117. Their heads are larger and clipping issue will occur.
    • Vanilla clothings and armors have breasts. Unless you have mods that add A-cup clothing, you will have a big-breasted loli.
  • XEO
    XEO is a another big mod that contain bunch of races, hairs and eyes. However, they also overhaul many NPC in the game to be much more anime-like. I'm pretty many are tempted to install this but always remember that XEO have a very high chance of conflicting with another mods. But if you want lots of beautiful people including yourself as fast as possible or you're completely bored with NPC's looks in this game, you may want to try it.

Part 2: Character Structures

Now you know the file formats. You'll have to acknowledge some facts about Oblivion's characters structure.

  • All meshes of characters will always go into "Data\meshes\Characters" and textures for "Data\textures\Characters"
  • ALL generic 3rd person animation and body meshes are in "Data\meshes\Characters\_male" including FEMALE characters. Do not be confused with the folder's name!
    For example, "Data\meshes\Characters\_male\femaleupperbody. nif "
  • Many (not all) specific body parts for each race are likely to go into their own folder like "Data\meshes\Characters\imperial"
  • Please note that Imperial race is the default race for almost everything. Imperial meshes and textures for many body parts are used by Redguard, High Elf and WoodElf because they're human-like.
  • Notable exception for meshes includes Khajiiti and Argonian because they're beast people.
  • Notable exception for textures includes Orc and Dark Elf because their skin are green and dark respectively.
  • Now you know that all humanoid race shared the same resources. If you decided to change Imperial body textures then it's very likely that Redguard and High Elf will be affected as well.
  • Regarding the file name of the texture, Bethesda didn't implement nudity into the game and there are very limited slots to insert textures. So when you replace the body with HGEC Body. The mod will use the foot slot to insert nude body there. So foot texture ( alone is transformed into an entire body texture. Always remember this when you want to replace body texture. Don't ignore!

    Please note that Khajiiti race have a very serious problems regarding their body textures. I'll tell you how to fix it. It's very easy, really.

Part 3: What you need to have

1.) Oblivion Mod Manager This program doesn't only allow you to enable/disable .esp and .esm and rearrange load order at will, it also allows you to install (extract) .OMOD file.

OMOD is an archive file that works with OBMM only and should always be in "Oblivion\obmm\mods". They came in two form based on my experiences.
- An OMOD file. Just download it and put in that directory no problem.
- A 7zip file. This is a tricky one. Many mods offer an OMOD-ready version. That doesn't mean it comes in .OMOD but rather .7z file with OMOD conversion data folder inside. This is important because it might contain some important installation script for the OMOD. Follow these steps to convert them to OMOD.

Note: DON'T convert an archive file that has no OMOD conversion data. I suggest you do this only if you are an advanced user. It's possible to do that and install mod that way but I suggest you don't.

Note: There is an upgraded version of Oblivion mod Manger (OBMM Extended Monpetitbeurre) that reads omod structured 7z archives without the need to convert, is much faster and has a few other useful features. Make sure to read the installation requirments and instructions before upgrading.

Converting .7z into .OMOD

  1. Open up OBMM and click Create button
  2. Click "Add archive" button and add 7zip file that contain OMOD Conversion Data
  3. The program should ask you if you want to import the data. Click yes. Sometimes it might contain subdirectory and the program might ask you again. Don't freak out. Just click yes. OMOD Conversion Data itself is a proof that it's really OMOD-ready and will work.
  4. Click Create omod and wait for it to finish. You'll get an OMOD file in your "Oblivion\obmm\mods" folder and it will appear in the large window of OBMM. Congratulation.

How to activate the OMOD mod

Just double click the name of the mod with Green or Red square icon next to it and follow the instruction (if there's any). Once it's over your mod should be ready.

About color code in OBMM:

  • Green indicates that files in this package doesn't conflict with any existing files. Hooray.
  • Red indicates that one or more files in this package conflicts with the files in your Data folder. Don't worry, OBMM will ask you if you wan't to overwrite them. You can right click on the mod name and "View data conflicts" if you want
  • Black indicates that this mod will overwirte one or more ESP file. Be VERY careful when installing this one..
  • Blue indicates that the mod is already installed. Congratulation. You may double click it again to deactivate the mod

2.) BOSS (Better Oblivion Sorting Software)

The essential tools for your Oblivion experiences. When you installed a lot of mods together, it's likely that some may conflict one another. Remember that mods are loaded in sequence called 'Load Order'. Oblivion.esm always come first then another .ESM and then .ESP.

Supposed you install a mod and then you download a compatibility patch for it. You have to make sure that the patch COMES AFTER the mod it patch by modifying the load order.

But you don't have to worry about that manual labor at all if you have BOSS to sort the load order for you. So just follow these instructions.

  1. Download the BOSS. I suggest BOSS 1-65 Installer because it has an automatic installer.
  2. But if you want to do things manually and download BOSS 1-65 Archive, be sure to put every files in the Data folder.
  3. Double click on BOSS - Update Masterlist.bat and wait for it to finish. You'll get a full report in your internet browser.
  4. You're done! Be sure to run BOSS - Update Masterlist.bat at least once a week to keep track on the new mod.
  5. If you want to to update your load order but not the masterlist of BOSS, just click on BOSS.exe

You should use BOSS as often as possible. Adding .esp to the game always have possibility of creating conflicts that might be solved easily with correct load order.

Note: Be very careful with Japanese mods. Many of the well-known one are recorded in the masterlist. However many others (especially one that didn't exist in TESNexus) are not on the list. Many of them will give you no problem but if it's an NPC Face Overhaul Mod, you'd better be careful!

Part 4: Beautification

I hope you understand the basics about mods in Oblivion now. Unless you skipped to this section which I assumed that you're quite experienced yourself.

Here's the ACTUAL step-by-step tutorial

  1. Download Oblivion Mod Manager and install it. You'll need this program to install a lot of mods.
  2. Download HGEC Body v1dot21 Ignore all other options because this one includes every possible choices. Install it with OBMM. You'll be given various choices. Answer them according to your taste but REMEMBER that the size of the body also applies to every single female NPC as well.
  3. Go to High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC and then download Face Texture for High Rez Skin Textures v1_2 and 4096x4096_Default_package_v1_2_part1 and 4096x4096_Default_package_v1_2_part2
  4. Remember to rename 4096x4096_Default_package_v1_2_part1 to 4096x4096_Default_package_v1_2.part1.rar and do the same for part 2 or you might not be able to extract the files inside.
  5. Install using the Install Tool included. By default, you're given a choice of Imperial, Dark Elf, Orc, Dark Seducer and Golden Saint. Every other options will be disabled unless you downloaded their packages. This will NOT install the races like Ren Mystic Elf for you because there are only textures for the skin. You're done with the "naked" body. The neck and body But you might have some serious problem if you wear any vanilla clothes. The body will revert instantly to vanilla one until you take it off. This is because vanilla clothes and armors is built upon ugly default female mesh. Yuck. You don't want that right?
  6. Download EVE HGEC Eyecandy Variants Expansion
    I assume that you're not using mods such as MMM, OOO, Fran or FCOM so just download EVE_HGEC_BodyStock and Clothing OMOD
  7. Install using OBMM. First , Say No to Install Body Texture. And choose "Use my current upper body mesh"
    You'll be given a choice of your favorite cup for the clothes and armor. Sadly, there are only two versions of clothes available; C-cup and E-cup. Choose carefully because it will also affect every NPC's clothings.
    Choose My current lower body mesh too to keep what you've installed. Then choose the size of the lower body for the armors and clothes.

  8. Okay. The breasts doesn't bounce!? You want a jiggly breasts like in DOA? No problem! See BBB section above to learn about how it works and download the skeleton file and then install the following mod:
    BBB for EVE HGEC stock replacer
    This mod will replace the meshes of some armor to allow the breasts to bounce.
  9. I wanted to make the armor more revealing! Okay so you're a naugty one and doesn't want to see a walking fridge. Fine, install the following mods.

    Choose one from below
  10. I'll be honest with you. Seams on neck and hands bother me too. I've been searching and tested many mods that claim that it can eliminate or reduce seam but everything is useless when it comes to in-game lighting. See the picture below. I took the picture from different angle and the neck is all messed up. So I offer you a way to cope with it.
    Download and install Download Luchaires Neck Seam Concealer. You'll obtain these nifty necklace automatically when you load your save or new game.
  11. Congrats. You're done beautifying the body but NOT NPC's FACES. You can now make your own angel and meet the ugly world or...
  12. Download and install Younger Hotter NPCs Women. This mod will make NPC's faces much better and younger.
  13. You're done. Just play the game! But always remember that unless you have a savedata to copy someone's faces, you are ON YOUR OWN to make your character's face beautiful. It's a sad and inconvenient truth but if you want to make it beautiful like Japanese's screenshots out there, you'll have to download a lot of mods to beautify your characters. This is all up to you. Good luck.

    Note: Always remember that characters in Oblivion are not angle-proof. They can be very beautiful from one angle but can be very ugly from the others. Some lighting in the game may make the seams on hands and neck much more visible. Also the model in the Tab-menu has very terrible lighting compared to in-game. So you should use console command "tfc" (toggle free camera" to inspect them from every angle. There's no such thing as one best way so best of luck finding what's right for you!

Part 5: Troubleshooting

Khajiiti body gone haywire Supposed you followed my mod and successfully make your Khajiiti's body look beautiful and one day after you installed plenty of mods. You found out that your Khajiiti is completely messed up. The skin's just not right.

Did you say you installed Robert's Male Body after HGEC?

This is because their HGEC "foot" textures are replaced by something else. Here's why: Female Khajiit foot textures uses "Data\Textures\Characters\khajiit\male\footmale.dd s" by default. Bethesda didn't bother to make a separate file for them so when are replaced, the female will be affected.

Solution: Make a new folder in your Khajiit texture folder named "female" and then copy "" and "" there. Rename them to "" and "".
To fix the path, you can open TES Construction Set to open up Oblivion.esm and then fix the filepath yourself and save it as a new plugin. OR if you followed my tutorial, then BBB for EVE HGEC stock replacer will provide you EVE_KhajiitFix.esp. Put it on the bottom of the load order using OBMM. This will ensure that other plugins won't override EVE_KhajiitFix.esp

Making boys a hunk (or not?) Okay so you're done with the girls. Go play the and Okay, male characters still wear underwears and sometimes they have weird body when I used sex mod! This section is just for you.

  1. Download Roberts Male Body v5 Beta. I heavily suggested that you download "RobertMale_OMOD_BAIN_v5" and install it with OBMM if you don't want to do a manual install.
  2. If you didn't do the Khajiiti fix mentioned in the Khajiiti body gone haywire section then do it now! Or these catgirls are gonna have some serious problem with their body textures

    Did you say you install HGEC again after Robert's Male Body to fix female Khajiiti!?
  3. Install using OBMM and make your choices.
  4. You're done. You don't have to download clothing and armor replacement because it's already included. Congratulation! Every single males in Tamriel can now be completely naked! (if you chose the naked option.)

Note that male Imperial use the same head texture as female. So when you installed Face Texture for High Rez Skin Textures v1_2 in Step , male Imperial and other races that share the same textures might have a color that's doesn't with the body. Making the neck seam clearly visible. I'm sorry but get on with it.

Redguard head color doesn't match the body! Redguard used Imperial textures and darken it a bit. So when the game handle it, many factors will make the skin color of head, hand and body very different from each other. I'm sorry but I cannot help you with this. Blame the game engine or Bethesda for not making a separate skin texture for Redguard in the first place.

You may also try "Better Redguard" mod in TESNexus if you don't mind them being too dark. This will give them their own unique texture completely separated from the Imperial.

Ugly jump! Jumping is one of the activity that you'll do very often in Oblivion and default jumping animation is just way too ugly. I recommend replacing it with Stylish Jump - Animation Replacer.
You may also like DMC Stylish - Animation Replacer This one will replace many animations including weapon wielding. I highly recommend it. If you don't like some animation, just delete that particular one. Be wary that this will also replace NPC's animation as well. (A bandit doing a stylish attack? Cool!)


Guide to install xLovers (WIP) - original page

How to beautify your character - original page

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