XS Kids

Welcome to XS Kids!

The concept of XS Kids is computing around the world for children.

Children of many different value systems and cultures but children all the same.

With in this SP Wiki the creators have their own concept and plans as far as creating content. But before we get to that point, as this may only be a temporary home we would like to beat around the bush and start the dialogue about:

  • How education has changed
  • The difference between a first world education
  • A developing world education
  • Third world education.

Why Open Source is meeting the needs.

How Open source is not meeting the needs.

What is the meaning of all the money being spent on the cyber poor?

As well as some other topics that could come out of this type of forum. We welcome right now anyone who would like to have their say on these issues.

As well as those who may be in the business of children and computers.

Welcome to XS Kids and please bare with us as we get this wiki space in order.


  • How education has changed


  • The difference between a first world education


About My request for this Wikia Wiki

The end result is Mindy the simple and plan part of the answer to save the world through the reprograming of children and young adults via the Internet using the future new users young and old world wide as our launch pad!

Because the program is some what defined , worked on as in a product model and still in it's launch stage.

When and if we get a Wikia wiki, this scratch pad information will be the about us, education of the foundation of the Mindy Program.

As the actual wiki will be more about developing, presenting, forging, fact finding and implementation.

Depending on how far and how much I get build as I have above set a drawing board of all that is needed to make that happen.

I am sure that the amount of content will be sufficient to deserve a Wika wiki . I hope.

So if you wonder where am I going with this?

I going on a platform of a release date and limited time to set the course.

Weather here or some where else this will be the content of the thinking pattern of a Mindy Creation.

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