For most of his life, X had no memoires of his origins, he's youngest memories were when he awakened in the middle of the Sahara Desert. However, after the events of Legacy, he has managed to uncover the secrets to the different parts of his life leading up to joining the FAF.

Pre-Hollow (Streets Of London)

X was an orphaned child, born and abandoned in the 1880's, left in an alleyway on the poor and diseased streets of London. When he was six years old, he left the alleyway and became a thief in order to survive. Though it was a harsh life - luck always came to him in times of great need and desperation.

Three years later, now 1888 at at the age of nine, the nameless child came across what appeared to be a radiant shard, during this time - the feared Jack The Ripper had begun he seires of killings, but it was no coincidence, and the facade of a serial killer only hid an even darker being.

The nameless child one night was drawn to an alley due to the shard glowing even brighter and seemingly leading him there. This is where he came across a figure who had just finished killing his victim, and had taken a similar shard that the woman had possesed. Jack The Ripper (or his true identity; Augustus Sohn Von Keiner) then turned on him, and with a single stroke he severed his soul chain.

Keiner, for reasons still unknown, cast him into the world of Hueco Mundo, stating that it was "an experiment" as a Hollow had never been formed from being struck down by a shard of a demonic blade before, and the result could prove interesting.

He then fled to look for more of the shards that would later become Yamato, the sword that sealed a demon similar to Sparda.

According to Keiner, it was mercy, not murder.

The wound dealt by the sword, as well as the growing metamorposis, caused the memories of the nameless child to be forgotten, forever forgetting where he had been born and where he had survived. Even the fact that he was once human.

Menos Grande (Hueco Mundo)

It didn't take long for X to convert to a Hollow, and after several days of painful transformation, he became a Menos Grande, a hungered for fresh victims.

Since then he went on a rampage, killing and devouring other Hollows to improve his own strength in the hopes of evolving and becoming a Vasto Lordes, but for some reason all he could ever do was push the boundaries of a Gillian, becoming a twisted Hollow that never changed.

His hunger and hunting continued for centuries, until he reached the fortress of Las Noches, now in the present time. After lauching a Cero at it, several Arrancar attacked him, but his twisted form got the better of them.

However, he was beaten down by the Tres Espada, Tia Harribel, long enough for the man known as Aizen to use the Hogyoku on him. This broke apart his Gillian form and turned him into an Arrancar, fairly humanoid in apperance, wearing a Hollow Mask, his Arrancar Rank marked on his right hand, yet strangly absent of a Hollow Hole.

He was immediatley incapacitated and thrown into the prison of Las Noches.

Arrancar 201 (Las Noches)

For several days, X was imprisoned, expecting execution for the amount of casualties he had caused. Memoires of his previous life had been wiped from his mind, but he did expreince vivid and painfull flashbacks of his death at the hand of the cloaked man.

However, he had no desire to be killed, not when he had been finally free of his accursed Gillian form, and so when several lower level Arrancar came to take him to the execution grounds. He killed them on instinct and escaped. He swiftly made his way out of the prison and tried to flee Las Noches.

He made his way into the quaters of Tres Cifas, where he encountered three Privaron Espada; Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio, Cirucci Thunderwitch and Gantenbainne Mosqueda. They blocked his path -recognising him as the 'monster' from before.

The three taunted him before trying to kill him, and on instinct X defended himself, letting his aggressive nature take him over like it did when he was a Gillian.

The battle got so intense X actually broke through into the meeting room of the Espada (which was in progress). Not caring, X continued to beat down on the three, proving to have unstable yet powerful Hollow abilties. Aizen stopped the other Espada from attacking as he wished to see what X could do.

By this stage X managed to block a Cero with one hand, create an unstable Cero from his mask, and use Sonido to cause several injuries to them. It also caused his zanpackuto to finally reveal itself, a katana with a black blade and white hilt.

He managed to defeat the Privaron Espada, but was then faced with a new challenge; escape. He was approached by Aizen, who seemed to recognise him as the Gillian from before. Seemingly wanting to test him, Aizen offered him the choice of dying then and there, or freedom if he could manage to leave the meeting room.

X chose the latter, and was attacked by the other Espada on cue.

After a brutal defeat, he was about to be executed by Ulquiorra Cifer, however Aizen stopped him. Impressed by his resolve, and the fact he challenged all ten of the Espada despite knowing they were far stronger than he was. He asked the wounded Arrancar for his name.

"...My Xenethis Chimera..."

"Very well, you shall serve as Arrancar 201. Welcome to Las Noches, my new soldier"

Arrancar 130 (The Diseased Gillians)

X (or his true name, Xenethis) was made an offical Arrancar and was given his own small room in the lower quarters of Las Noches. He spent most of his days either quietly reading, trying to learn everything an Arrancar could do - as no one wanted to speak to him (save for Gin Ichimaru, who found him amusing) or outside in the desert of Hueco Mundo training as best he could with his zanpuzkuto - which seemed to be silent as he couldn't find a way to release it.

A month later, X had only managed to further improve on Sonido - which he seemed to be a master of, but was unable to form a Garganta, fully control a Cero or Bala, and the art of Ressureccion was nearly impossible. However he had learned how to use Pesquisa, and so was able to sense Reiatsu from extremily long distances.

One day, Aizen had ordered a group of Arrancar to investigate a group of Hollows that semeed to have gone insane with some form of disease that prevented them from evolving. X was sent along because he was thought to have been a Gillian of a similar nature.

During this journey he encountered Szayel Aporro Granz, a recently demoted Espada, and a joke amoungst some of the higher level Arrancar. X tried to get information from him, as he was very interested in the Espada - the greatest of Aizen's warriors. He learnt of their names and ranks. He was especially interested in the blonde Espada that had cut down his Gillian form.

He then instantly sensed the reiatsu of approaching Hollows. They were ambushed by the insane Gillians. Szayel was cornered and about to be devoured - but was saved by X's Sonido ability.

As the other Arrancar retreated, X stayed behind and slayed them, again trusting his instinct, not his logic. One of the Gillian managed to escape and made its way to Las Noches. Aizen was outside of the fortress at the time, conversing with the Top 4 Espada, and was attacked by the creature. Before any of them could kill it - X beat them to the punch, cutting its head in half and blasting it away with a Cero.

Due to their success, Aizen granted X any reward he wanted, to which he replied:

"I wish for Szayel Aporro Granz to be reinstated into the Espada. As for myself...I wish to improve in rank by taking the positions from the Privaron Espada"

X challenged Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio, Cirucci Thunderwitch and Gantenbainne Mosqueda to a three way battle. They accepted, activating their Ressureccions. After suffering a series of wounds, X managed to partially tap into his zanpackuto's reaitsu and defeated all three swiftly but brutally.

And had earned the rank of Arrancar 130

Afterwards, he was approached by Szayel, saying that he owed him for his life and for earning his rank back he would ad him any way he could. X asked him to help improve and learn all Arrancar abilities so he could become stronger.

Pre-Numeros (The Panther King)

X continually trained with Szayel and Aaraniero (who had taken a liking to him) to become stronger. Over the months he mastered Cero, Bala, Garganta and became an expert of Sonido, even outdoing both the Espada in speed. However he was still incapable of using Ressureccion, though he could now slightly tap into its power to give him more strength.

During one of his solo training routines, he made freinds with another Arrancar, Ggio Vega. This was a surprise from him because he had become quite an outcast amoungst the Arrancar (not that he cared), as most considered him a murderer of their own species. They had even given him the nickname "The Butcher Of Hueco Mundo".

Ggio approached him because he was eager to fight him, to see how powerful he was. Both duelled, ending up with X winning, but sparing Gigo's life. The two gained a mutual respect for one another, though X found his devotion to Barragan Louisenbarn a waste of his potential.

It was then that the two were attacked by the Privaron Espada, as well as two other Arrancar (Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia). The group had slowly grown to hate X, the Privaron because of their defeat by his hand, Loly because of her intense jealousy of how he was becomign one of Aizen's favourites and he wasn't even an Espada, while Menoly was neutral.

Before the battle could escalate, they were all stopped in their tracks by the sudden presence of powerful reaitsu. The spiritual pressure belonged to the 6th Espada, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, who had been woken by the commotion.

Without being provoked, Grimmjow took out the Privaron, Loly and Menoly, and even Ggio without any trouble at all, but spared X. He stated that he had heard rumours of his strength, and wanted to see how long he would last before he crushed him.

Angered by his arrogance, X engaged in the battle. However, he severely underestimated his strength, and found that he could barely land a hit. The fight became one-sided completely, and Grimmjow didn't relent in the slightest.

It got to the point where Grimmjow threw X into the quarters of the Espada, where all were witness to the bloody beat-down. X was half-dead by the time Grimmjow stopped his assault, stating he was disappointing and was expecting a bigger challenge. He prepared to finish him with a Cero, but was interrupted by the 4th Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer.

Demanding why he stopped him, Ulquiorra stated that Aizen was interested in him for a reason, and that he was still alive after challenging an Espada. Reluctantly, Grimmjow let him live.

Before passing out from blood loss, X swore he would get stronger and defeat Grimmjow.

Arrancar 99 (Slaying of the 300)

Despite suffering severe wounds, X refused to be pinned down and spent very little time recovering. Any opportunity he got, he spent training in the Forest of Menos to try and increase in rank. However, with his injuries, he was handicapped to he point to where even a Gillian was a formidable challenge.

It was then a giant garganta was appeared over Hueco Mundo, with reaitsu so powerful that it was felt by all Arrancar. From the tear in the sky, appeared 100 Shinigami, all of 3rd Seat level. Leading this battalion was a Shinigami named Kyero Vahan, originally a 3rd Seat of the 5th Division 100 years prior to Aizen's initiation into the Soul Society.

He and his army arrived at the walls of Hueco Mundo, demanding an audience with Aizen. Vahan got his request, and Aizen appeared, demanding who he was and what his intentions. Vahan, smugly, made it clear they were sent here by the "true" Captain of Squad 5, and were here to take Las Noches as their base of operations.

Aizen found this very amusing, and accepted their "declaration of war". Deciding to make things interesting, he sent Grimmjow and Ulquiorra into battle. With a last minute decision, he added Harribel's Fraccion as his chosen. Harribel was vividly shocked by this, even more so when he forbade any of them from using their Ressureccions.

The Espada would be able to handle themselves, but the Fraccion would be easily overpowered without their Ressurecions. This was the game that Aizen wanted to play, his excuse being that a single Arrancar was stronger than 10 Shinigami.

Unbeknownst to them, Vahan had sent 500 extra Shinigami into the Forest of Menos, where they would use forbidden kido to transport them into Las Noches itself, and overrun the base itself. They had dispatched enough of the Menos to create a safety zone. However, their arrival had been detected by X, who had overheard their plan, and managed to suppress his reaitsu to avoid detection.

Before the Shinigami could launch their surprise attack, X attacked. Dispatching two or three of them with the element of surprise, he was then faced with a monumental task. He alone was the only Arrancar who knew of this, and he couldn't afford to let them carry out their orders.

It was one against three hundred.

The battle was brutal and bloody on both sides. Ulquiorra fought against Vahan, who was at Captain level at this point, and able to hold his ground. Grimmjow handled the majority of Shinigami, though their numbers seemed limitless. The Fraccion were having a hard enough time by themselves, and without their Ressureccions they were forced into a corner.

X wasn't fairing much better, having only managed to kill fifty, each of them with powerful release states. The leader of the 300, Lieutenant Shiori Asuka, was a particularly strong opponent, and managed to cause quite a few injuries. Pinned down, they prepared to finish him off.

It was at this particular moment where Apache had been stabbed by a Shinigami, Mila-Rose was barely concious, and Sun-Sun was badly injured by kido. In a moment of desperation, Harribel pleaded for someone to save them, though this was barely above a whisper.

It was at this point that Xenethis' zanpackuto violently reacted, and his Ressureccion was unleashed.

Barely a minute later, a second garganta appeared over Hueco Mundo. Vahan bragged, declaring it to be the reinforcements that would overrun Las Noches. He an everyone else got quite a shock when the bodies of the Shinigami flew out onto the sand. X appeared, back in his normal. His injuries were severe, suffering several cuts, hole wounds and even his left arm was burnt from kido.

He blitzed through the seven Shinigami that were about to kill Apache, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun.

Only a handful of the three hundred were left, including Asuka, and had been thrown through the garganta with him. With the last of his strength, X cut through the last of the Shinigami, and finished off Asuka with a powerful cero. Vahan was abut to retreat with what little troops he had left, but was cut down by Ulquiorra.

Aizen applauded all of them for providing such an entertaining battle, and with rewarded for their efforts. X promptly passed out, but was held up by Ulquiorra. Grimmjow asked why he insisted on keeping him alive. Ulquiorra referred to him to X's hand, where his rank had increased to 99, making him a Numeros.

Grimmjow grinned, looking forward to the prospect of another fight.

Pre-Fraccion (Gris Hendidura)

For the next few years, X trained non-stop, growing stronger and stronger in the hope of defeating Grimmjow, he also strengthened his relationships with the other Espada.

Aaraniero and Szayel thought he was crazy for trying to take on Grimmjow, but helped prepare him the best they could - actually going to the sake of creating artificial opponents for him to fight, and would also teach him how best to use his Cero and techniques for his zanpackuto.

He kept well away from Barragan, Nnoitra and Yammy, who had quickly grown to detest him. He didn't fear them, but it would be stupid of him to try and aggitate them - and so stayed away from Ggio and the rest, which was a pity as he enjoyed their company.

Zommari Leroux, the 7th Espada, grew a liking to him for his persistence in proving himself and would sometimes step in to help him control his fierce reaitsu, often through mediatation.

Ulquiorra, perhaps for the reason that Grimmjow was the opponent in the matter, would sometimes assit him in training, increasing his durability and technique with his sword as well as improving the power of his Cero.

Stark, the 1st Espada, grew fond of X for the fact that he was so determined to prove himself strong, and the two formed a strong friendship. They would often have talks, that is when he wasn't sleeping around Las Noches.

During one of his training sessions far out in Hueco Mundo, he was approached by Apache, Mila-Rose and Sun-Sun. They had grown to have divided opinions of him ever since the "Incursion of Las Noches". Apache down right refused to like him, since he made the female Arrancar look weak when he saved them. Mila-Rose wasn't convinced he had managed to kill 300 Shinigami, and reckoned he was a fraud. Sun-Sun was rather fond to get on his good side, as he was one of few that didn't have the arrogance of a typical male Arrancar, and he had saved their lives in the long run.

Deciding to test him, Apache launched a surprise cero at him. However he easily dodged it, as he had sensed their approaching reaitsu. X had grown rather curious about the Tres Espada and her Fraccion, as they seemed to be independent of the rest of Aizen's army, and had a connection he had not see amongst Arrancar before. Apache declared they were here to challenge him (against Mila-Rose's and Sun-Sun's wishes). Though they ranked higher than him, X was wary about his sudden display of power against the 300 Shinigami, as he had not been able to access it since, and was worried it might be triggered against his will. Still, he accepted their challenge, but put a twist on things. He stated that if he won, all three of them would help him become one of Harribel's Fraccion. This caused both shock and anger from all three of them, as they could not stand the idea of a man joining their tight-knit group.

After being provoked, all three of them agreed, however if X lost, he would leave Las Noches and never return. X accepted these terms, and the dual began. X tried to use as little reaitsu, as he really didn't want to harm the three. Eventually, the three accessed their Ressureccions and forced him into a corner, especially after they summoned their "pet" Ayon. The beast's immense strength and regenerate abilities nearly got the better of X, however, things changed when the beast's brutal attacks unearthed a painful flashback from the night he became a Hollow. The pain of the memory nearly brought X over the edge. In his anger, he slew Ayon, and brought his attention to the three. He uses a heavily dense bala to crack Sun-Sun's ribs, and left a nasty cut on Mila-Rose's mid-section. He then set his sights on chocking the life of Apache with his bear hands.

Before he could, he sensed a strong reiatsu and barely avoided an attack by Tia Harribel herself, who had followed her Fraccion and wasn't at all pleased on their current condition. Her immensely powerful reaitsu snapped X out of his bloodlust, but then had to deal with her rage. Depsite his protests, she thought he had tried killing them to increase in rank, and planned on exacting retribution. Her strength was unparalleled, and she nearly killed him.

X then felt a dark and disturbing reiatsu through the earth beneath them, and without warning used Sonido on them both before a grey spike pierced the ground. More and more appeared, along with a large and twisted Hollow mask. Harribel revealed this to be the murderous creature known as Gris Hendidura, and had been eating Arrancar since Aizen had created them and had let out a warning for it to be brought back to Las Noches for Shinigamification, to be killed only the worst of circumstances.

The creature began its attack on them both, and was powerful enough to knock Harribel back, causing her to activate her Ressureccion, captivating X. Despite this, the creature kept up its attack, absorbing one of her Ceros and sending it her still wounded Fraccion. But before it could make contact, X intercepted, using the tapped power of his zanpackuto to pierce it, long enough for Harribel to cut its head in half and kill it.

Afterwards, Harribel ordered them all to return to Las Noches, as Aizen would want to know of the creature's death. Sun-Sun apologised to her, explaining how they had set out to fight X on their own. Somewhat reluctantly, all three apologised to X, who said it was not needed, as he was the one who had lost control and nearly killed them.

Harribel interjected, stating that her Fraccion had rashly, and that they were in the wrong. Sun-Sun continued, stating that he had technically won the fight, and that he had their blessing to ask Harribel's permission. Needless to say, Mila-Rose and Apache did not partake to this too well. Regardless, Harribel asked what he needed their blessing for.

"I...would like to ask your perimission to become one of your Fraccion"

"...Prove to me you are an Arrancar who fights for something other than his basic instincts, and I'll consider it"

Arrancar 11 (King of the Abyss)

After returning to Las Noches, Harrbel was held accountable for letting slip the chance to create a creature without parralel, one of which could have won the war with the Soul Society.

X tried to take the blame, by she insisted that it was her mistake, that she was more concerned about the wellbeing of her Fraccion, and that she had X to thank for saving their lives. Aizen stated that she had disappointed him, but was too valuble to kill, and she would just have to settle with the guilt.

Herself and her Fraccion left, disgraced, outside to Hueco Mundo's desert but were followed by Nnoitra, who couldn't let the oppotunity go to rub in her faliure. This let to outbursts and arguments between him and her Fraccion, until it led to the point where Nnoitra insulted her on a personal level calling her "The Whore of Hueco Mundo".

This didn't go down well, espicially considering X lashed out, sword drawn and nearly took off his head with a single swipe, stating that he couldn't go words like that unpunished, challenging Nnoitra to a fight. He accepted, mocking and saying that he "a lowly Numeros" didn't have a chance agaisnt an Espada.

The first half of the battle was a painful one at that, X barely managing to keep up with Nnoita's brutal strikes, despite suffering several wounds he couldn't help but notice the large crowd that had gathered atop Las Noches to watch them - Espada and Fraccion included.

Nnoitra managed to deliver a fatal wound, leaving X barely able to stand. Being him, Nnoitra couldn't help but mock his resolve to defend the honour of a woman he barely knew but also one who is as worthless as her. This caused something to awaken in him, and in a burst of power; X accessed his Ressureccion, which had waited until now to reveal itself.

In his new form, X fought Nnoitra to a standstill, his rank now gone from 99 to 11, one level under the power of an Espada. Such a shift in rank was unheard of in the history of the Arrancar.

Despite using all the tricks he had, Nnoitra was forced to use his own Ressureccion. This caused X to use one of his most powerful techniques, which when used agaisnt Nnoitra's powerful reaitsu, caused great damage to both and ended up breaking both of their Ressureccions.

Nnoitra refused to allow the fight to end in a tie, and in a burst of anger lashed out with his weapon, but was stopped in his tracks by the intervention by Stark, Zommari, Aaraniero, Szayel, and Ulquiorra. Even when his Fraccion, Tesla, tried to kill X for him, he was stopped by Ggio.

Despite this, Nniotra tried to finsih him with a Cero, which was deflected by Harribel. Nnoitra reluctantly stopped his onslaught, returning to Las Noches while spitting cruel words about X's moral values. He was consequently knocked out by Grimmjow, who had gotten bored of his ranting.

X then asked if Grimmjow was ready for that battle he had promised a few years prior. Grimmjow replied with a smile.

"Get yourself fixed up, I want you at your best when I beat you into the ground"

He then asked Harribel if she had any changes of thought for him becoming one of her Fraccion, to which she sighed.

"Well...after nearly getting yourself killed, I can't exactly say no"

Pre-Demon (The True Sixth)

After becoming Arrancar 11 and Fraccion to Tia Harribel, X spent several days getting used to his new position of power, which involved joining her at meetings, getting better quarters with the rest of the Fraccion, and training for his upcoming fight with Grimmjow.

After one particular meeting, in which X had to explain to Aizen why he engaged in battle with Nnoitra, and luckily gained the benefit of the doubt, he was asked by Harribel to visit her room in a few hours. After which, the male members of the Espada either wished him luck or begged for details.

Apparently he was the first male Arrancar ever to be invited into her room.

When the time came, X found that Harribel had prepared (attempted to prepare) an evening meal for them in her quarters, as she apparently wanted to thank him for defending her honour, though she said she was fully capable of doing it herself. After more discussions, X found that Harribel's touch had an interesting effect, his Hollow Mask completely broke apart - revealing his human face.

His touch ended up having a similar effect on her. It didn't take long until both kissed, and found themselves declaring love for one another.

The next day, after leaving a sleeping Harribel, X met Grimmjow in Hueco Mundo and their battle began. Grimmjow won the better part of their fight until each accessed their Ressureccions, in which both began to fight harder. Eventually, they both were left at stalemate, so both accessed their final techniques.

It ended with X activating his Segunda Etapa ability for a split second, so fast neither one of them could register it, but was powerful enough to cut Grimmjow, leaving X the winner. Despite losing, Grimmjow swore it only made it 1-0, and he would one day even the score, and promised that the winner would become the one true 6th Espada.

Hollow Devil (The Forgotten Arrancar)

Sometime after the rematch, X awoke one night to a reaitsu stronger than anything he had felt before, he entered Hueco Mundo just in time to see a creature break apart the sky and enter the Hollow domain. The creature had the apperance of an emerald knight with a flowing cloak.

The creature began to attack Las Noches X being the only one to engage in battle with it. However it proved to be too powerful, even agasint X's Ressureccion. After X was badly beaten down, it revealed its human form. That of Augustus Sohn Von Keiner.

In reality, it had been Keiner who had had created the diseased Gillian (exposure to Yamato's spiritual energy), the army of Shinigami (former members of Squad 5 who were still loyal to him even after centuries), as well as Gris Hendidura (combining a hollow with the reaitsu of Yamato).

He had been experimented with shards of Yamoto, and afer hearing about the slaughter of his Squad, had entered Hueco Mundo itself to settle the score. The armour was is Bankai, and its strength was beyond anything X had fought against before. Keiner seemed to recognise by his hair and spiritual pressure, provoking him with painful flashbacks of the night he died. Statig that the name Xenethis Chimera was a name "he" gave him. This pushed X to the edge.

The fight became so intense that it caught the attention of the Espada, who were dispatched to investigate.

Keiner managed to deal damage to some of the lower level Espada, but had a hard time against Ulquiorra and Harribel. Hoping to kill them all in one go, he used his ultimate technique; Saishuuteki Na Souzou: Tengoku No Chikara. Leaping in he way of the attack, X took the full force of the attack, ripping his body apart.

Heartbroken and vengeful, Harribel tried to kill Keiner but it couldn't be overcome. He was only stalled by the intervention of Starrk.

Keiner's Bankai was at its limit, and so unveiled the "Key to saving the Soul Society". The katana, Yamato had been completed after centuries of searching for all of the fragments. By using it's power, he would become an angel of destruction and secure his dream.

Meanwhile, X was on the verge of death. However, he was visited by the spiritual projection of his zanpackuto. It told him that there was a way to defeat Keiner in short run. To do so, a contact would have to be made with Sparda, the demonic twin of Yamoto. The contract would force X to become the host of the dark sword until the contract had been completed. The contract would be completed when he had gained enough strength to control his Arrancar abilties, as at the moment they were uncontrollable. Sparda would suppress them, and in exchange, he would hunt down those who planned to use Yamato as a weapon of war. Once he had proven he could control his Arrancar abilities, Sparda would relent its hold over him, and could be used as seal to imprison Yamato for eternity. Until then, his zanpackuto would be sealed away until he was ready.

Under this conditions, X accepted the contract. He unleashed his Ressureccion and intercepted Keiner from using the power of the demonic katana. The force of the attack shattered the katana, resulting in a mental shockwave that erased the memories of the Espada, Aizen, the residents of Hueco Mundo, and even X himself.

Upon awakening, X had no memory of anything. Only the sword of Sparda before him, whispering of the plight of Yamato, and how it was his duty to stop it, as per their agreement. Taking the name X Prodigy, the Hollow Devil left in search of the others that could help fight agaisnt the growing threat of Sparda's twin

Hueco Mundo, the Arrancar, Tia Harribel, were now lost in his memories...


X uses the power of his Inner Devil to allow him greater strength, speed, agility and endurance than any normal human. Through Sparda's power he has access to powerful demonic techniques, as well as the ability of Devil Trigger, where he can sever all ties with his hollow half and assume the physical manifestation of Sparda's demon side.

Weapons (Devil)

Sparda - Sealed Form: When X is in his human/hollow form, Sparda retains it's demeanor of a crested, steel longsword. It is only useful in mid-range combat but does offer X a full host of powerful and swift sword techniques that will cut down any enemy that comes into view.

Sparda - Awakened Form: When Devil Trigger used, Sparda becomes a gigantic, blood red, curved sword. This sword can destroy targets near or far with it's demonic properties, and is the key to transforming the user into a full-bloodied demon.

200px-DT Rebellion

X Prodigy (Devil Trigger)


Hell's Fang: A powerful strike that releases a wave of demonic energy

Gauntlet Hades: An aerial series of slashes

Dead Spike: Releases a series of demonic spikes that rise up instantaneously

Inferno Divider: A concentrated sword technique that divides an enemy into two

Carnage Scissors: Devil Trigger; two powerful slashes that create a "X" shape out of demonic essence

Crimson Onslaught: Devil Trigger; an uncountable amount of strikes before allowing the spirit of Sparda to deovur the soul of the opponent

Weapons (Other)

Weapons created for slaying creatures such as Darksides or Demons that are not of demon origin but still are powerful enough to kill X's enemies or any threat that comes his way.

Dawn and Dusk: A pair of pistols that X created, are his primary firearms and can kill a Demon or Hollow within a few bullets, they have unlimited ammo as the bullets are created from demon essence. However, these were destoryed during the fight with Mach The Knife when up against his Seven Daggers Of Sin.

Noon and Midnight: The replacement pistols X created after Dawn and Dusk were destroyed. These were created by the Vongola and have twice the firepower than the previous models. Noon can unleash 100 bullets within a few bursts, while Midnight has enough power to cause a minature explosion.

Caballero Abismo: (Trans: King of the Abyss) X's zanpackuto, this was his primary weapon during his time as an Arrancar, it has the simple shape of a katana with a black blade and white hilt. It was hidden within Sparda when X became part Demon, but after his fight with Grimmjow, X has learned to separate both swords and retain full power over his Hollow Half. Using this, X can activate his Ressureccion and Ressureccion: Segunda Etapa, it also provides him with several sword techniques as well as Cero Variations.

It's command to be released is Fade, Caballero Abismo

Arrancar Ressureccion

Using the power of his zanpackuto, X can use Ressurecion like any other Arrancar. By using his sword, X transforms into his evolved form, taking the appereance of a black, hooded figure with fierce armour.


Malos Sinfonía (Wicked Symphony): A powerful strike that releases a pale wave of red energy, similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho.

Borde De La Noche (Edge of Night): A series of powerful sword attacks, each strike blinds and binds the opponents and makes them realise their own pain.

Gray Ray Cero (Great King's Hollow Flash): A blue-coloured cero, so powerful it can be only learnt by high-ranking Arrancar

Cero Oscuras (Dark Hollow Flash): A powerful black cero, said only to be wielded by members of the Espada, a truly devasting attack

Ressureccion: Segunda Etapa

This is the most powerful Hollow form X possesses, and the final stage any Arrancar can reach. This has the power to surpass his Devil Trigger.


Malévolas Rapsodia (Malevolent Rhapsody): A devastating technique which releases a wave of black reaitsu. It is a far more powerful version of Malos Sinfornia

Sombra Canto Fúnebre (Dirge of Shadows): Creates a spear of dense, pitch-black reaitsu, which on impact causes a uncontrollable explosion. It's a slightly altered version of Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relámpago

Cero Oscuras Instantáneo (Instantaneous Dark Hollow Flash): Releases multiple Cero Oscuras in succession, extremity powerful but extremely unstable

Verdadero Rey Cero (True King's Hollow Flash): An upgraded version of the Gran Rey Cero, extremely powerful but very difficult to control



Sosuke Aizen: Saw Xenethis as a powerful tool and warrior, though he was aware that his dedication to Harribel was stronger than his dedication to him.

Gin Ichimaru: Gin grew fond of Xenethis, and saw him as a form of premature revenge against Aizen.

Kaname Tosen: Was extremely wary of Xenethis, and ready to execute him should the order arise.


Yammy Rialgo: X dislikes Yammy, and finds his destructive attitude more annoying than threatening.

Aaraniero Arruruerie: Considering they were both Gillian before becoming Arrancar, they both understand each other very well.

Szayel Aporro Granz: X's second companion, who he managed to get reinstated into the Espada.

Zommari Leroux: X speaks to him the least, but when the do talk, they often have deep conversations that reflect on life in Hueco Mundo

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: X's rival, both vow one day to fight to prove who is the superior Arrancar

Nnoitra Jiruga: X detests Nnoitra, and the feeling is mutual, both wish each other's death

Ulquiorra Cifer: X gets on suprisingly well with Ulquiorra, despite his cold exterior, X enjoys his company

Tia Harribel: X's lover, she was wary of him at first but soon both got into a relationship after he defended her honour

Barragan Luisenbarn: X has no respect for Barragan, espiecially after he was willing to have his whole Fraccion killed for his own mistake

Coyote Starrk: X considers Starrk to be something of a father figure to him.


Ggio Vega: X's closest ally, though he is still loyal to Barragan, he still honours X's friendship.

Apache: X finds Apache rather annoying, while she hates him, but both secretly respect each other's loyalty to Harribel.

Mila-Rose: X actually befriended Mila-Rose, though she is still wary of him and isn't comfortable with him liking Harribel.

Sun-Sun: X finds Sun-Sun the most sensible out of the Fraccion, and they would often have talks.

Team Faust

Tobi: After having his soul freed, he has come to look upon X as his sensei and is most loyal to him

Ichigo Kurosaki: Ichigo often finds X a darkened reflection of himself, but do get along

Hiei: Hiei will often argue against X's capabilties as a leader, but secretly respects him

Kevin Mask: X finds Kevin to be the one he can talk to the most, both get along well

Yoruichi Shihoin: X finds Yoruichi to be like a sister, as she's always making sure he doesn't mess up

Hinata Hyuuga: X thinks of Hinata as the soul of the group, as she always finds a way to keep their freindship united even in the toughest of times

Cielo Spade

Tia Harribel: X's former lover, finally free of Oldkid's control. Harribel is the wisdom amoung the group, always keeping a clear head in dire situations

Maka/Soul: Maka is regarded as the sister everyone likes, while Soul is the arrogant and cocky guy who won't admit his feelings

Schrodinger: The mischief among the group, he's abandoned the Nazi way of life, but still drives the team crazy with his antics

Captain Jack Harkness: Jack is one of the most respected members and always comforts (and often flirts) with the rest of the team

Michael J. Caboose: Despite his stupidity and tendency to accidentally injure other team-mates, Caboose is fiercely loyal and is probably the most open

Kyoya Hibari: Has often declared that he will "bite to death" various members of the group.

Haruhi Fujioka: Harribel regards Haruhi as her own kin, and so is extremely projective of her.

Terra Spade

Agent Carolina:

Agent York:

England (Arthur Kirkland):

Takashi Morinozuka:

Mitsukuni Honinozuka:


Death The Kid:

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