Xa'Fa is one of the leaders of the Xal-Fettk

  • Name: Xa'Fa Lek
  • Race: Unknown
  • Appearance: Resembles an Angler Fish, with huge jaws and a glowing, third eye in the middle of his forehead. He is rather short but heavily armoured, with spiked Greaves on his legs and sharp Gauntlets on his arms. Also, a large, spiked pine runs down his back. All of the spikes are tinged with red and he has bright Crimson eyes.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Powers:


--Extreme Strength

--Night Vision



  • Weapons:


--Massive Jaws

--Sharp Spines


--Shredder Claws

  • Personality: Quick to anger, not terribly bright, brutal and cruel, and will not destroy anything unless there is soimething for him to gain.

Biography: Genectically engineered by the Brotherhood of Makuta, Xa'Fa was supposed to be the perfect fighting machine, however when mutagens (the same mutagens that mutated the Barraki) comprimised the expirement causing Xa'Fa to mutate into an Angler Fish-like creature. At first Xa'Fa worked perfectly, but his heart wasn't truly in the destruction the Brotherhood wanted to cause, so he was tortured by BoM agents.

During one particularly cruel session, Xa'Fa went into a fit of rage and destroyed a small section of the Brotherhood base, escaping. Xa'Fa would've been caught if a small band of Dark Hunters had been readying an attack on the BoM. Due to the distraction Xa'Fa caused the BoM was unprepared for the Dark Hunters attack and suffered a staggering defeat.

Xa'Fa disappeared from society for years after this incident, finally resurfacing on Metru-Nui as the leader of a group called the Fettk Order. Comprimised of other creatures with odd histories much like Xa'Fa's, the Fettk Order was a very successful Bounty Hunting group. About two years after the Fettk Order's rise, Xa'Fa met Shraal, the leader of another Bounty Hunter group called the Xal Company, Shraal and Xa'Fa proposed an allaince, to become a massive Bounty Hunter army. This new group was called the Xal-Fettk Union.

Now Xa'Fa has been sent to Terros-Nui to scout for new possible business, he is now just waiting in Ga-Terros, picking up on the history of the island, and picking up a few WANTED posters on the way. He hopes that Shraal will soon move a new division to Ga-Terros.

  • Sidenotes: Having been mutated on land, Xa'Fa can breath underwater and above it.