Xander Vos is a male human Jedi Master at the time of 50 ABY. Xander Vos was the Grand-Son of famed Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, and the son of Korto Vos and Lysa Sornfree, a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He also was part of the Darth Dude conflict. Xander Vos was created by Xander Vos, a member of The Jedi Order Forum. Xander Vos's - the creator's - real name is Alex, who derived Xander from the end of Alexander.

Early life

Xander Vos was born to Korto Vos and Lysa Sornfree on Tatooine, after his parents were forced to flee Naboo because of Imperials. He was close friends with Jysek Talore, who's father owned a local star-ship dealer. Jysek and Xander were close friends and, when Xander reached the age of ten, George - Jysek's father - gave them each a restored X-Wing.

Leaving Tatooine

When his parents heard the news that Emperor Palpatine had been killed above Endor, they rejoiced. However, months later when Xander received his X-Wing, there was still heated debate as to whether they should allow him to leave. Finally, caving in, Korto wished Xander well on his journey, giving him Krayt Dragon boots, and the blasted with which his own mother had saved Quinlan Vos' life. Hoping to leave on his own and visit his Grand-Mother's grave before he begun his journey, little did Xander know that Jysek followed him.

Reaching Naboo, Xander discovered that the Vos name was treated with disgust because of the added Imperials it had brought during the Empire's reign. Making his visit quick, Xander constructed a shrine for his Grand-Mother, before leaving with Jysek to travel the Galaxy.

Destiny Awaits

After travelling to such worlds as Corellia and Bothawui, Xander and Jysek found themselves on Kinyen, where they hoped to defeat Black Haven, a local gang that had been murdering many of the inhabitants. Caught out of their league the two were captured for several months before the arrival of Jedi Master Vikro distracted the Black Haven gang long enough for them to escape. However, their craft was severely damaged during the escape, and they barely limped to Lorta, the closest planet.

There, they recuperated, planning to move on once they could repair the ship. However, an unlikely coincidence brought the Kroprulan Empire, that had been raiding the Outer Rim in their own Outer Rim Seiges, struck the world whilst they were there, leaving Xander grievously wounded, and Jysek dead.

Asil "Shatterpoint" Leikane and Koras Aldamar arrived at the planet to repel the invasion, and whilst Koras struck back in space, Asil went down to the planet, saving Xander's lfe just as a Sith, Darth Lanik, was to strike the final blow.

Discovering his Force talent, Asil brought Xander to the Jedi Temple on Bakura, hidden through the Force, and on the outskirts of any civilisation. There, Vikro realised that this was the boy he had been having visions of, and pledged to train him. At this time Xander Vos was twelve years old.


Xander spent the next seventeen years as Vikro's Apprentice, learning several important lessons, as well as Vikro's unique "Force Shove". Their final mission, which also involved Lyn Korak, a close friend and bunk mate of Xander's, sent them into Thespis, a Bakuran city.

There, at the age of twenty-nine, Xander Vos finally unleashed his full potential in battle, saving his Master's life and teaching him that what is right is not always nessecarily by the book.


After his strong effort at Thespis, Lyn Korak and Xander Vos stood side by side for the first time as Jedi Knights, no longer Padawans. Xander vowed that he would do whatever it took to defeat the Sith, and became the Blade of Light for the Jedi. Luke Skywalker bestowed a similar title upon Jaina Solo at the ceremony before the fateful mission to Myrkyr, though it is unknown if the two titles are linked.

Only weeks after becoming a Jedi Knight, Xander took a week away from the Temple, journeying to Utapau, where he observed life as it was at its most basic. There, Xander realised how alone he was, no longer having a guiding figure, or a supportive friend near him.

Returning to the Jedi Temple, Xander explained this to Vikro, who told him the Force would always be his ally. Accepting this, Xander turned to a more insightful look of the Force, and became an effective Jedi Knight.

Many months later, Xander, Lyn, and Padme Dral were sent to Bespin to observe the gas canisters that supplied the Temple with its fuel. Usually only one or two Knights were sent, but as Xander and Lyn were new Jedi Knights, Padme aided them on the mission.

What begun as such a routine mission quickly spiralled into disaster as the Sith Empire launched its final battle of the Outer Rim Seiges, sending an entire fleet to destroy the gas platforms of Bespin. Comandeering a YT-4800 craft, which he quickly christened the Swift Eagle, Xander flew up to intercept the many TIE fighters, with Padme in one of the gun turrets, and Lyn in the other. The two clocked many kills as Xander desperately contacted the Jedi Council.

Submerged in the Force, he fought on, finally forced to land, as one of the engines took a heavy hit from a turbo laser canon. As more Star Destroyers appeared in space, Xander feared the worse. However, the craft that appeared were Star Defenders, part of a hidden fleet that the Jedi Council used on the rarest occasions. Ironically, the last time it had been used was the first battle of the seiges, where it had saved Xander's life.

As the three watched from the ground, a modified craft crashed to the ground, a wounded Sith emerging. The three captured the Sith, and so begun the life of Anakin as a Jedi.

Darth Cious

News filtered through whilst Xander was training his Apprentice Wes Odo that his old Master, Vikro, had been killed on a mission to Korriban. Stricken by grief, Xander finished training Wes, vowing not to take another Apprentice, as it would remind him of the time he had spent by Vikro's side.

In 40 ABY however, news filtered through to the Council that the Jewel which had killed Vikro by draining him of the Force had survived on Korriban. Journeying to the planet with Dakoth, Padme, and Lyn, Xander drew himself into the Jewel, becoming Darth Cious.

Discovering that Vikro lived on as Darth Vicarious, Darth Cious duelled with him to become the Jewel's only servant. The duel was interupted by the other Jedi Knights, who snapped a trigger in Vicarious' brain, reverting him to Vikro, Jedi Master.

Darth Cious, to far into his anger to return, showed down with Lyn in the Temple, the Jewel by his side. Firing a powerful stream of Force Lightning, that would not dissapitate until it hit a target, Cious and Lyn fought hard, the lightning swirling around them.

Finally the lightning struck the Jewel, shattering its hold on Xander Vos, who awoke to find Lyn struggling to carry him from the doomed Temple. Racing to Lyn's ship, the duo fled Korriban, returning to Bakura where Xander was reunited with Vikro.

Jedi Master

After the events on Korriban, the Council was unsure about promoting Xander to Jedi Master, choosing instead to promote the others from the mission. Xander was forced to watch as Padme, Dakoth, and Lyn became Jedi Masters, as he remained as a Jedi Battlemaster.

However, after many years, he was finally given the position, and he took an Apprentice, Cain Mhoon. This was an expression of faith to the Jedi Council. Cain's mother was also the mother of Lanik Shin'se, the man who, as a boy, had taken Xander's left arm on Lorta all those years ago.

Cain proved to be an exceptional student, excelling in every form, and became a Jedi Knight only ten years before the final battle of the Dude Conflict - the Battle of Reldar Prime.

Destiny Eclipse

Details are sketchy as to Xander's involvement in the Battle of Raldar Prime, although it is rumored that it was there that he earnt his spot on the Jedi Council, carrying the title proudly to his death.

Character profile

The character Xander Vos was created by Xander Vos, a member of The Jedi Order.


-Xander Vos (Zan-Dur) (Voz)




-As of 50 ABY, 56.




-Light Brown.
-Shouder length.
-Golden streaks.








-Serious when the occasion calls for it.
-Light side.

Home Planet:



-Vos homestead, outskirts of Mos Hurga.

Lightsaber combat style: Lightsaber Form:

-Form I: Shii-Cho. (Mastered)
-Form II: Makashi. (Mastered)
-Form III: Soresu. (Mastered)
-Form IV: Ataru. (Elite)
-Form V: Shien / Djem So. (Mastered)
-Form VI: Niman. (Mastered)
-Form VII: Juyo/Vapaad. (Mastered)


-Dark Emerald.
-Cylindrical, though sharpens slightly at bottem.
-Black casing with a golden spine, and silver clasp.
-Modelled after a blue print discovered of Quinlan Vos' lightsaber.
-Magnetic clip for belt.

Attack Styles:

-Form Zero.
-Dun Moch.


-Mechanical Arm.
-Type F-1 Jedi Survival belt.
-Small medpack w/ synth skin.
-Bandages in bacta.
-Pocket Datapad.
-Several Blas-Tech blaster packs for his blaster.
-Blas-Tech DC-17.


-Dark Leather under-robe.
-Beige Cloak (with hood).
-Dark Leather trousers.
-Krayt Dragon Hide boots.


-Jedi Master.



Type of Jedi:

-Jedi Battlemaster.
-Weapons Master.
-Battle Instructor.
-Jedi Master.


-Skilled pilot.
-Extremely skilled in lightsaber combat.
-Skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


-Jawa Trade.

Force powers:

-Force Push. Mastered. (Only marginally weaker then my old Master, Vikro's Force Push.)
-Force Pull. Expert. [Able to pull an object from 500 meters away with extreme force.]
-Force Jump. Expert. [Able to leap 40 stories.]
-Force Throw. Expert. [Able to throw a lightsaber, hit an opponent 200 meters away, and return it deactivated.]
-Force Shield. Expert. (Summons a shield around the user for a short period of time [3 hour maximum, and leaves me partially drained]).
-Force Heal. Expert. [Able to heal self and allies near by from near death injuries.]
-Force Sense. Expert. [Able to sense if a Dark Sider is on the same planet as him, unless they are cloaked well.]
-Hand to Hand Combat. Expert. [Learnt from the Echani and the Jedi.]
-Force Scream. Weak. [Deafens enemies in a short radius]
-Force Aura. Master. [Is able to accentuate presence in the Force for allies to find.]
-Force Suppression. Weak. [Is able to cancel enemy Force Powers for a limited time.]
-Force Blinding. Weak. [Is able to blind enemies for a limited time.]
-Force Persuasion. Average. [Is able to convince non-FS's to do his bidding.]

Specialty Force powers:

-Absorption. Mastered. Much like the Halcyon's, the Vos family has developed this technique, which his father first discovered, and allows them to absorb blaster fire, using the energy to either replenish their stamina or their lightsabers.
-Emerald Lightning. Mastered. [Much like Sith Lightning, but only can paralise the enemy, not kill them. Able to harm three at once.]
-Force Prediction. Learning. Only a few days ahead of time, so not as powerful as the Dark Prophets predictive abilities.
-Force Impression. Learning. Allows Xander Vos, like his Grand Father, to sense things from inanimate objects, and sometimes living people, and see visions that this object or person has been involved with in the past or near future.

Former Master:


Former Padawan/s:

-Wes Odo.

Current Padawan:




-Swift Eagle.




-Light Freighter.


-Two Concussion Missile Tubes.
-Three Quad-Laser turrets (One at the top of the craft, one at the bottem, one at the back).


-Yes. (Built in.)


-32.5 meters long.


Xander Vos has been scarce in fanfictions, though a detailed reader will pick up mentions of him in such stories as The Life of Empress Saber (by Darth Shadow) and most notably Destiny Eclipse, a tale authored by Xander Vos detailing Xander's life. It is split into three segments, and the first segment is nearing completion.

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