Pacithhip UAA

A Xantoran

The Xantorans are an alien race was native to the planet Xantor, in the Outer Rim Territories. They have a long, pointed head which is dominated by two long, thin, pointed tusks. These tusks were atrophied versions of much larger tusks used by the ancestors of modern Xantoran to dig up roots. The nose of the Xantoran is elephantine, although the nostrils are located close to the skull. The trunk ends with the being's mouth. Two large, black eyes are located at the top of the skull. The shape and size of their tusks established an individual's place in society, as there were three basic genetic patterns which led to the growth of tusks. Based on the genes they carried, an individual Xantoran would become a warrior, a scholar, or a farmer. The body of the average Xantoran was stout and round, with tiny legs that barely moved them along.

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