Xargressians were a long lived species who lived around the core of Corellia. They were part of ancient Corellian legend, which said they were immortal hell beasts. In reality Xargressians lived for close to ten thousand years. The oldest recorded Xargressian was twelve thousand seven hundred and six years old.

However, the species was all but eradicated by a Jedi strike team sent to eradicate the species that had damaged so much of Corellia. Only two Xargressians survived, Alol Enex and Anion Markatas, Darth Minious and Darth Dude respectively, who would dramatically shape Galactic events in the years to come.

Many scientists theorised that the Xargressians were reated, albeit distantly, to the Whills, another long-lived and secluded species.

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