Xaron's Traveling Savannah is a traveling performing zoo, made up of Lenthinari trainers and their mostly controlled Lenthinari animals.

Xaron Henuka himself is a tall, muscular black man, with close cropped hair. He wears a short flat topped cap and billowing brightly colored robes. He drives the lead wagon, pulled by a team of four zebra and brightly painted with the name of the show. Xaron is the showman and announcer, not much of a trainer himself. He is a face, not an animal man. He is well connected at court.

What you would see following his wagon when his troupe enters a town:

Eliki Malangu & Kengo Tshombe, two tall, thin men carrying spears and riding gazelles.

A young woman on foot, Reonet Senebtisi, in a tunic and gauzy trousers leading a giraffe. She performs zebra back vaulting in the show.

A flat bed wagon pulled by two water buffalo, carrying a gorilla, driven by a middle aged woman, Sentnay Henuka, wearing a head wrap.

A huge enclosed wagon, driven by a large, burly man with long dreadlocks, Sodindo Nyoni, and pulled by a rhinoceros. Hanging off of the back of this wagon is a cage full of small monkeys.

Asminia Shabake, a young woman with a scimitar strapped to her belt, riding a tiger.

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