The Shadow of the Bloodied Phoenix

(Blood, Runeblade, Fourth Wind)


Just short of 6 foot. He has bright, electric blue eyes, and blond hair with a braid. He always wears either a black crystalline armour (called the Shattered God), or a dark green leather set (the Gale). He has a sheath across his back in which the Runeblade sits, and on his belt, the Fourth Wind, his other main weapon.


Xavaran can be very detached at times. Having no knowledge of how someone would react, he often forgets about others' feelings, and says things without thinking. He hates those who control or abuse others.


Xavaran is a Rune Warrior, meaning that he can't truly die. He has so far died over three hundred times in the 70 years he has seen. His power over blood is almost complete, and he can fashion it into various forms. In battle, he fights with a berserker style, ignoring all the minimum amounts of pain he can feel.


Various Eonians (likes, dislikes, friends, etc.)

Ressa and Thoronir (other two leaders of Shaikan)

Xed, Rixon, Navix (best friends in Organisation)

Ellexi and Xendre ('wards')

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