The Xavian navy is the only military force in the entire Xavian Empire that is not Cybernetic or Robotic.



The Xavions are the tier one raknings. The backbone of the Navy, they man the all purpose fighters and bombers, as well as lay defences and protect ships from boarding parties. This first Tier has four ranks, and the move in heiarchy.

Xavian 1


Most Xavions are either flying in the cheap and expendable Bx-22 Fightercraft or are waiting near hangar bays and vulnerable spots for enemy boarding parties.
Xavian 2


The Rexavions are normally the ones who follow the Xavions out into battle, the idea is that while the lower ranked soldiers run head on into the fray, the Rexavions can kill off any stragglers then push towards the enemy ships.
Xavian 3


Sexavions are the specialists, who have been trained to use the anti-fighter flak cannons. They ussually are operating the larger ship's cannons, but some veteran Sexavions may man the Boarding Ships cannons as well.
Xavian 4


Texavions are the noes who are in the boarding ships, or are in the heavy Fighter Craft, such as the X-17 Assault Craft.

More to be Added

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