A picture of Xavier.

Xavier Starman is a noncanon character from the Megaman Classic Universe. He is known by others only as Caped Starman, or X Starman (X being the first initial in his first name.) He is a reploid who wears a cape, and he is part of a clan of Starman who live on an island.

Personality and design

Xavier is described as quiet, calm, and thoughtful. He likes to observe more than take action, unless the situation actually calls for it.

Xavier's design is based off of Starman from the EXE games, with the exception of that he wears a cape (A cloak) around him. He is never actually seen taking his cape off, though. And it is unknown for what reason why he keeps it on all the time.

Xavier does have a soft spot for humans, and frequently goes out of his way to save humans in trouble, no matter what the cost to him, even if it means that he dies protecting a human. Xavier is a warrior by nature, and he is suited for almost any kind of nonextreme environment. (With the exception of space, he can survive in space.)


It is unknown who exactly created him, but he lives on an island whose location is hidden from others just below the soutern continent. There, he lives with a clan of Starman, who somewhat resemble him. His true age is unknown, however. During the Maverick wars, since the island did not have cloaking technology at the time, he and a team of warrior Starman had to defend the island form maverick attacks.

After the maverick wars were over, he, with the help of a few other members of his clan, built a cloaking device, which shrouded the island in shadows, causing any GPS device to misinterpret its position, and thus cause the island to dissapear from recent maps. After that, he dissapeared from the island. He became a wanderer, and seeks to explore the rest of the Earth by himself.

weapons and technology

He is armed with a magnum buster, which fires energy shots out of its barrell. He also carries an energy sabre similar to a lightsaber from Star Wars, but is colored blue.


Elder Starman - It is unknown exactly what his relation ship is with Elder Starman, but it can be inferred that he is Elder Starman's Grandson, as he is seen on a few occasions calling him "Grandfather."

Indiana Starman - It is unknown what his relationship is with him as well, although they get along pretty well together.


He has a spaceship named the Genesis which helps him out of a jam. The spaceship is supposedly autopiloted when he is not on board. he can summon it by clicking a button on his belt.

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