Xel'lotath is a member of The Dragon Triad. She is an insanely green Nogan with eyes that are solid white with a touch of pale green and two pink tentacles starting at her shoulder blades and cascading down her back.


Xel'lotath was born Ariluna Verdanteyes to Faruna and Vazkan Verdanteyes of the Forest Clan. She was a tall, slender vivid green Nogan with auburn eyes, During her childhood, Ariluna (nicknamed Ari) was taught in the arts of stealth and archery, as were all the children in the Clan at that time. She was also renowned for her melodic laugh, which was used often as she had a bit of a mischevious streak, likely inherited from her father due to his various antics in his younger days.

However, this mischevious streak also led to Ariluna poking her nose into matters which she should have had no knowledge of in the first place. One of these occasions was when she, while playing hide-and-seek with a few of her friends, spotted an elder of the Clan, Karka, conversing with a dark brown Nogan that was actually Verkai, having shapeshifted into another form.

It turned out that the area of the woods where the Forest Clan lived was actually under control of the Exiles, and that Karka was paying Verkai to keep the area safe for them to use. Ariluna let out a noticable gasp at this, and when Verkai whipped his head around to spot the intruder, he couldn't see Ari even when she was in front of him. It was at this moment that the vivid green Nogan began to realize her extraordinary talent for camouflage.

Later on, upon turning fourteen, Ariluna discovered a camp of Exiles in the woods. Upon learning that they were supposedly an archery society, she offered to join and was immediately enrolled in the Exile army. During her time in the army, Ariluna became noted for her stealth and archery skills as well as catching the eye of many a male Nogan including Stryke Greenwing of the Storm Clan, who was to play a very important role in her future.

A few months passed, and Stryke and Ariluna became married, a fact which led to decreased performance on missions. However, Ariluna was avoiding going on missions for another reason...

She was pregnant.

Upon announcing this to Stryke, her husband became mortified with the prospect of being a father as he was sure it would ruin his career in the Exiles and abandoned Ariluna. She was soon taken under the wing of Kynna, a female teal-coloured Exile medic, and it was within the safety of the medical wing on the island of the Exiles that Ariluna gave birth to her first child, named Omixpatra from a favorite flower of hers. However, the joy accompanied with Omix's birth was not to last.

Verkai, frustrated at Ariluna's sharply decreasing performance on missions, warned her that she had to either abandon the baby or leave the Exiles forever. Ariluna, fearful for the baby's safety, had her placed in a safe, warm cave and taught Nogan legends and Exile martial arts by Kynna. After a few years of doing this, however, a wild Kavinika discovered the cave and forced Kynna to sacrifice her life to keep the wolf Rahi at bay. The Kavinika was about to pounce on Omix when a dagger stabbed it in the heart from behind. Shocked at this sudden turn of events, Omix looked with wide eyes at her savior. It was Knife.

While this was happening, Ariluna had dramatically increased in skill and stealth and was soon offered to join the Dragon Triad. Upon accepting, Xel'lotath journeyed to a swamp in the southern part of the island where she encountered the Altar of Insanity which transformed her into the form she has today and was named Xel'lotath after an Ancient of old.

Weapons and Abilities

  • The ability to transform into a perfect copy of anyone or anything she has seen before
  • Can manifest green energy

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