Name: Xemnas1992 (Xem for short)

Occupation: Author Fighter & Surfer

Age: 16

Description: Xemnas1992 is a bipedal Siberian tiger with yellow eyes. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt, blue jeans, and brown sandals.

Biography: Xemnas1992 is part of a race of bipedal tigers called Roswellians. Roswellians were considered the wisest and most noble race of aliens in the Andromeda Galaxy. Being from the Southern part of the planet, he wears a Hawaiian shirt. Roswellians were famous for their vast memories and mimicry skills. Sadly, Roswell was destroyed in a tragic and barbaric act of war by the Anti-Authors and Darksides. Xem was the only Roswellian to survive. He was captured by the Anti-Author's top scientists. For two years, they performed bizarre, cruel, and painful experiments on him. Finally, Xemnas1992 escaped and discovered that he was the last of his kind. Eventually, he ended up on Earth and befriended two Author Fighters: TLSoulDude and Fortune Glyph. Soon after, he met and fell in love with a princess named Giselle, which spells hope for the legacy of the Roswellians. One day, Xem hopes to defeat the Anti-Authors and avenge his planet.

VA: Jeff Bridges (the Big Z on Surfs' Up)

Powers: Great memory, master at mimicry, and not above using a blaster.

Weakness: Can be easily swayed with a can of tuna.

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