The Chaotic Corpse

Xendre was a Negative member, imprisoned in the Negative prison. He was freed to take the place of XII, and his life has changed considerably since then. He is the youngest member, being only twelve when he was first instated fully. He has power over bodies.


Xendre is very tall for his age, standing at six foot three. He has golden blond hair, styled awkwardly, looking similiar to Roxas'. His eyes are lizard green, and look older than he is, tired and weary. Despite the facts he cuts himself, and enjoys fighting, apart from the Shaikan symbol cut into his wrist, he has no scars. His body is quite lean, but well toned, and slightly muscular.


On the surface, Xendre is bubbly and happy. He seems confident, and perhaps a little arrogant. However, he is really very sensitive and insecure, and could really use someone there for him.


After being killed by Rixon (who was being controlled), Xavaran managed to save his life, but could only bring him back as a Shaikan. He lived in Shaikur for a while, before he became a Rune Warrior, serving Asha Ashir. Xavaran, with the help of a few others, managed to reclaim him, and he has since been adjusting to his new life.


He looks up to Xavaran as a father figure. The other person who occasionally stays with them, Ellexi, is like an elder sister. He has a few friends, such as Rixon, and a few people in Shaikur, including Luna, a werecat permanently stuck in cat form.

Cyxrus 21:30, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

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