The leader of the Black Templars : The Latrocinium

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Personal Information
Name: Xenos Mortium
Date of Birth: 13 October, 1968
Birthplace: Brimingham, England
Ethnicity: English (Caucasian)
Marital Status: Unknown
Physical Description
Height: 1.9 Meters
Weight: 98 Kilograms
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/Green
Father: *
Mother: *
Heading here
  • CZ-75B
  • Franchi SPAS-15
  • AKS-74
  • Dragunov
  • Drinking
  • Exercise
  • Mechanics
  • Working with firearms
  • Learning


Xenos is 38 years of age, standing at almost two meters in height and weighing about ninety eight kilograms. He has fairly tanned skin due to years spent in the sun, constantly wearing down on him, as well as his birthplace of a steel town adding a natural darkness to his complexion. He has silky black hair with a few strands of white contrasting it, which comes down to about his cheekbones, often obscuring his eyes, one of which being light blue, and the other light green. Both of his eyes tend to be lighter towards to middle and darker towards the edges however, and unlike most people who have lived a greater number of years or endured a number of stresses, his eyes remain fresh and bright as if they had not aged past childhood. While generally trying to keep clean shaven, Xenos is often put into situations where he is unable to shave for extended periods of time due to being trapped in the wilderness or in a combat situation of some sort, and as a result it is not uncommon to see him with a five o’clock shadow or perhaps some stubble or even a lighter beard.

He is physically well fit, though his body is starting to show some age, and if one was to see him with clothing removed, the would see the extent of how much punishment he has taken over the years. His body is almost quite literally a roadmap of scars, coming from various blades, bullets, pieces of shrapnel, and burns. Xenos takes great pride in his body however, and makes effort to keep in very good shape, and still has an athlete’s body approaching his forties. He has also developed an affection for tattoos that he developed as an assassin early on, having a geometric pattern covering part of his left hand and forearm, as well as a tribal tattoo around the bicep of the same arm. On his right arm he has a large emblem showing that he was a member of the Dark Seraph, though if possible, he will try to keep this covered. Over the whole of his upper back, Xenos has a complex tattoo of seemingly a number of demons coiled amongst one another, all of them seeming to wrap around a larger one in the back, wings spread out towards his shoulders. Across the lower of his back, there is something written, though in what language or what it says is indiscernible.

His clothing varies from situation to situation, but his usual garb entails loosely fitted khaki military clothing, with black combat boots and a dark brown cloak that reaches his knees draped across his shoulders. Over his chest, whether he’s in a situation that would be deemed safe of not, Xenos will tend to wear a bullet proof vest, mainly as that he’s paranoid, and ever trying to remain ready to enter combat. He wears black leather gloves and dark reflective sunglasses, and on his head he will tend to wear either a khaki officers cap or a black beret with a silver emblem on it. When actually expecting a combat situation however, he wears camouflage to match the environment if possible, with tighter fitting clothing but still the vest and usually the cloak. In casual situations, he’ll gravitate towards dress or cargo pants and either a tight fitted shirt (short or long sleeved) or a semi-formal dress shirt worn in a casual manner.


Xenos is, simply put, aged and jaded. He is not, by any means, a bright and cheery person. He is generally seen as being stern and almost uptight, generally unfriendly, but holds himself in such a matter as if he is highly experienced in the matter that he is tending to, and as such he tends to garner respect. Years on the battlefield have dulled his emotions, and he has become nearly completely insensitive to violence and the like. Also, he is very much a “no-bullshit” kind of person, and can be seen as a stubborn asshole. While being this gruff and unfriendly person, Xenos still has a heart within him; those that he lives and fights with he will tend to become quite attached to, and he’ll even break his stern gaze every now and again. The only time he ever seems to be truly happy however, is when he is with Nezume.

This does not stop him from being a smartass though, and he will often make sarcastic and sometimes humorous comments to those around him. However, when people try to joke back with him, it only seems to cause aggravation. However, Xenos is also a broken man and his mind has started to slowly slip away from him. He is paranoid, always keeping a weapon on him and he is always ready to strike out at others. He will sometimes have hallucinations, visual and auditory, as well as whispers across the back of his mind. Sometimes he can be seen staring blankly into space, as if transfixed on something. He used to drink because it helped bring out his emotion and his feelings, to try and feel the most he could out of everything, but he now drinks to try and dull his feelings, and he feels as if he regains his sanity better when under the influence of alcohol.


Xenos is in the possession of a number of weapons, but always carries on him two combat knives, one in his boot and one on his shoulder, his CZ-75B and sometimes another pistol, as well as numerous throwing knives that he keeps on straps. He has been known to use most commonly a Franchi SPAS 15, an AKS-74, or a Dragunov. While not part of his usual gear, he will in combat carry a half dozen grenades of various types, as well as a SAS Avon S10 Gasmask and occasionally hidden arm blades. In his possession as well is a large complex that he managed to acquire, where the Black Templars are based in. This base is surrounded by a electric chain link fence with barbed wire on top, as well as a motion detector security system. It has multiple buildings for many functions, for duty and leisure, as well as housing an armory, an underground fallout bunker, food and supplies to last for months, and a dozen or two vehicles.


As for physical strength, Xenos can bench in the range of about two hundred fifty pounds, and can leg press well over double that. He has been taught extensively in Aikido, Kempo and Taijutsu, as well as the sword arts of Nitojitsu and Ninjaken, making him quite a formidable opponent in close quarters, especially combined with his deadened nerves from years of near constant pain and innumerable wounds. Twenty years of gun fighting has led him to be an accurate shot and a smart shooter, able to keep his cool even in extremely dangerous situations. Essentially, he’s a master in many forms of combat, able to hold his own again any aggressor. However, with his entire live devoted to it, his very being has been altered, and for the worse at that.


Xenos Mortium was born in 1968 in Birmingham, England. He was raised in a poor family, and had a rough life. Birmingham was, after all, a steel town, and the whole damn place was just brutal. At the age of fifteen he dropped out of school and joined a gang, starting his descend into the dregs of society. Within a few years though, the utter bloodlust that he acquired could not be satiated by the constraints of the gang wars in his home town, so he disappeared and left for London, where his life would soon change, and for the worse.

He soon started doing hits acting on the behalf of various two-bit thugs, but he caught the attention of a very powerful crime lord in the city. He earned the moniker Morte for his chillingly well done hits and assassinations. With his new name acquired, he soon rose through positions, and became the hand of the crime lord. He could have virtually anything he wanted. However, he wanted too much. He killed the crime lord, leaving his corpse and incriminated evidence against his empire for the London police.

This done, he left to Berlin with a large sum of money stolen from his former boss. He learned what he could of the language, and soon become somewhat of a drifting thief, wandering the world and stealing various artifacts and valuables, returning them to a sponsor in Berlin. It was here that he earned the moniker Xenos. He was the foreigner. He traveled the world, stealing millions of dollars worth of valuables, and taking a number of ‘trophies’ for himself. He also took this time, as that he had so much of it free, to educate himself, as that he never got it as an adolescent.

One time that he made an attempt to steal an ancient sword in Japan, and he was met, to his surprise, by a Japanese swordsman. Xenos drew his blade and they began to fight, but it soon became clear that the Japanese man was toying with him. He tried to withdraw, but was soon met by others, others of equal skill in their own forms of combat. It was then that he joined the Dark Seraph. He was now back in the art of murder, and combined his two names into what he is known by today; Xenos Mortium. To be frank, one would be hard pressed to learn anything from Xenos about his days in the Dark Seraph, other than that they were all masters of what they did, and that it ended horribly.

Xenos almost died, and is only alive because of the efforts of Nezume when she was part of the United States military, but he soon escaped and went into hiding. When she left active duty, he came to her in order to deliver thanks, and they soon fell quite passionately in love. They created the Black Templars together, but soon matters of grave importance overtook her, and she was forced to leave the mercenary group before it was even started. Xenos still holds her as the sole leader however, and awaits a time in which she may return to him.

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