General Information

Xernet is an earth-sized rocky planet located in the fictional galaxy M210. It is in the habitable zone of a solar system surrounding a binary star system. A day on the planet is 30 earth days, and a year is 246 earth days. Xernet has one unnamed moon.

Geography and Climate

The surface of Xernet is mainly vast, windblown plateaus, immense craters, lofty mountain ranges, and endless seas of deserts. The surface is dotted with numerous cloudy lakes of highly toxic mineral water, with excess amounts of ammonium, nitrogen, and potassium present inside. The atmosphere consists of thin oxygen mixed with nitrogen and methane gas. Xernet has a rocky core, surrounded by a solid, semi-permeable crust. The mountain ranges were created eons ago by early asteroid impacts and have remained there ever since. The temperature of Xernet is estimated to be -30 F to 20 F. Xernet's landscape is frequently a home to fierce windstorms and sandstorms. Small asteroid impacts are relatively rare, given that most asteroids burn up in the upper atmosphere. However, since they still do happen, the residents of Xernet have taken precautions and installed city-wide force-fields to protect their citizens.

Human Settlements

It is unknown when the first humans arrived on Xernet, but ever since they did, they have been expanding their cities on Xernet's empty plains. Below is a list of largest cities and outposts on Planet Xernet:

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