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Xorcom Ltd. Teradyon Industrial Park Misgav, 20179 Israel Tel.+972 49951999 Fax. +972 49990493



Xorcom USA 2012 W. Lone Cactus Drive Phoenix AZ 85027 USA Tel: 1-866-XORCOM1 866 9672661



Xorcom products facilitate setting up an Asterisk® PBX and implementing VoIP telephony quickly and easily. Xorcom products are telephony hardware platforms integrated with Asterisk® software. Xorcom harnesses the power of Asterisk® Open Source IP-PBX to design and produce hardware telephony solutions for commercial installations. System integrators, telecom equipment manufacturers, and customer premise telephony and VoIP providers use Xorcom’s USB channel banks and IP-PBX systems to provide added value to their end users.


XR1000 Asterisk® IP PBX for SOHO.

Supports up to 12 concurrent calls, up to 16 analog ports (FXS and/or FXO) and up to 50 users.

Asterisk based PBX for SOHO - XR1000

XR2000 Asterisk® IP PBX for SMB.

Supports up to 60 concurrent calls, up to 160 analog ports (FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI and/or R2) and up to 300 users.

Asterisk based PBX for SMB - XR1000

XR3000 Enterprise-grade Asterisk® IP PBX.

Supports up to 300 concurrent calls, up to 640 analog ports (FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI and/or R2) and up to 1000 users.

Asterisk based PBX for Enterprise: XR3000

Astribank PSTN USB-connected Channel Bank designed especially for Asterisk®.

Modular design enables different combinations of PSTN ports (FXS/FXO analog; E1/T1 PRI; E1 R2; and BRI ISDN).

USB Channel Bank for Asterisk: Astribank

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