The Xoth are an ancient species that ruled the galaxy three billion years ago. They were depicted for their eye sacks, their jet black blood and their sloping foreheads. They ruled tyrannical over their subjects until several Xoth who thought that their ways were totalitarian and the slaves deserve more rights, attacked the government, plunging the Xoth Empire into Civil War. In 2855, several archaeologists found ancient ruins at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. there, they found a Xoth man nammed Tsaak Vootuh, the last of the Xoth. It was thought that Tsaak was the last of the Xoth until it was found out that 100 xoth children have been found on Sigma Draconis VII, they were sent to earth to learn more about themselves. Also, Tsaaks 5 Siblings survived in Stasis with him.

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