YG&T's logo. Crap isn't it?

YG&T (Young Gifted and Talented) or YoGhurTy as they have been dubbed by various ex-members of NAGTY, is the organisation which has taken over the top 5%.

Death of NAGTY

After the death of NAGTY, the charity CfBT pounced upon the top 5% and announced their plans to take over. They claimed they were going to make YG&T better than NAGTY had ever been, and provide more opportunities for their members. They have been in power since September 1 2007, and still have said nothing of its grand plans to its members. They have, however, made several disturbing changes that have shocked and angered Britain's most intelligent youth.

Changes from NAGTY

YG&T's changes were met with considerable outcry from NAGTY's ex-members. However this did not stop them ruining what was once a brilliant organisation. Changes include:

  • The age range being changed from 11-19 year olds to 4-19 year olds. Don't ask me how this is going to work, but I'm sure the ickle toddlers will have fun fitting 1000 piece jigsaws together at their outreaches.
  • Changing the forum colours to red and black, blasphemy to all of the NAGTY regulars.

Origins of YoGhurTy

YoGhurTy came about when a prominant NAGTY forummer realised how alike "YG&T" and "YoGhurTy" sounded, after a discussion of how evil yoghurt is. Realising the similar levels of evilness in yoghurt and YG&T, the word YoGhurTy became a popular name for YG&T, and is used frequently by members of the Anti YG&T Movement.

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